Monday, February 2, 2015

A Sort of Recap

Buuut not of the weekend! We all did the same thing: football and junk food. I won't make you read any more about it ;) 

I know it's officially February, but I was on a mini blog hiatus and I never got to talk about mine and Christian's first holiday season as a married couple. I like to have everything here so I can look back on it one day so today you get to read about it!

Plus, I'm pretty sure we all wish we could go back to the Holidays right about now when it's just gross and gray outside with no real holidays to look forward to for awhile. (Valentine's does not count!)

Sooo Thanksgiving was actually our first Thanksgiving together EVER. I just basically want to share these two pictures.

He couldn't handle the multiple meals!
We had lunch with Christian's family and then a veryyyy low key dinner with my family. Most of my mom's siblings were with their significant other's families or on vacations. My grandmother was even on a European cruise. So it was just my parents, my grandfather and Christian and myself (my little brother had to work).

Now Christmas was a lot more fun! The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went to a tree farm and got ourselves the pretties Christmas tree there ever was!

Yes, he's making a weird face.

Yes, our cat has a stocking. That is totally normal. 

And this is how the majority of the month looked: Posted up with Christmas movies and a Zuko. 

The weekend before Christmas, we made the trek up to Asheville in what has become one of my favorite Christmas traditions and we're only two years in. Although, we did learn we will never go the weekend before Christmas EVER again.

Yes, he's making a weird face. 
This house was literally that bright. That's not just because I'm using an iPhone. Trust me, I had to squint.
After the touring the house, walking around some and a delicious dinner, we found a light show to drive around in an Asheville park. We stopped by Starbucks for cider and hot chocolate before we looked at the lights and then once we got back to Charlotte, we drove around the neighborhoods for more lights. It was the perfect Christmas-y day! 

The week of Christmas, we had a Tacky Sweater Day at work. So my co-managers and I decided we wanted to take it a little farther than just sweaters...

Yikes, my hair looks brassy.. I got my hair done two days later, obviously. 
And of course, I had to add some pictures of Zuko loving the Christmas decor. He really loves Christmas. So many shiny things and a tree indoors. 

Until we had presents, he kept pulling the tree skirt out. 
Christmas Eve fun! 

Christmas Eve, we went to Christian's parents house. We had dinner and opened presents with them before coming home and opening our own presents! I was so excited about Christian's gifts. I got him an Xbox One as his main gift, but I also added on some extras: the entire Star Trek movie collection on DVD (he's a little nerdy, and I love it), some new TOMS tennis shoes, and a head scratcher! 

Christian got me the most gorgeous Michael Kors purse you ever did see. I pulled this off the website, but it's the Grey Sutton purse and its gorgeous. It's such a unique grey color and it looks good with literally everything. 

Christmas Day we went over to my grandparents where 2 of my four uncles were there and one of them had some exciting engagement news for us! He and his now fianc√© have been together for TEN years and are finally getting married - we are so excited! Christian's parents also came and it was so much fun to have both of our families together on Christmas so we didn't have to choose one or the other and they got to know each other even more! 

So there you have it.. a holiday recap in February. My blog, my rules. I also just got a new planner with a blog planning section that already has quite a few good ideas in there so keep an eye out over here :) 

Happy Monday!

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