Friday, January 23, 2015

5 on Friday!

Happy Fridayyyyy!!!

Seriously, I'm so pumped that it is finally Friday. I've been working since Sunday (yes, Sunday). So this is day 6 in a row and I'm just over it.

Now that I'm trying to blog more,  I had to come back to the 5 on Friday link up! So here we go!

one// This has been a WEEK. Oh my gosh. Sometimes, unfortunately, work is just filled with drama. Most of the time, it's bearable, but this week it was hard to spend 9 hours a day dealing with it all. I also was put in the unfortunate situation of overhearing one of my employees say they had a drink with their lunch and then came back to work... Obviously, that's not okay and now I'm in a position to deal with it. Sometimes being the boss is no fun.

two// One of my best friends got engaged over last weekend! We cheered together in the early high school years and moved on to show choir in the later high school years. We used to spend hours agonizing over boys who had no idea we existed. We moved on to separate colleges but that never stopped us from spending our days talking about cute boys.

Although she wasn't technically a bridesmaid in my wedding, she basicallyyyy was. She was there at the shower, came down for my Bachelorette weekend and then surprised me by standing up when I got down the aisle with my dad and singing a beautiful song during our ceremony. It completely blew me away!

Top right.. I swear I wasn't ACTUALLY that tan. The filter made that orange high school tan look even worse :O
And now it's her turn! I cannot wait to start planning and I've already promised to make sure she's just as hungover as I was for my Bachelorette ;)

three// You need to see pictures of Zuko of course. Don't be surprised if there's a whole post about this guy again pretty soon...

He likes to Snapchat like all good kitties do. 
Sleepy Snuggles. 
I spy a frustrated kitty because he can't reach Mom and Dad. 
 four// Last weekend, Christian started some of the house projects we have planned. I plan to post on some of our projects as we get them done, but the first has finally started! We wanted to do something a little different and decided to build benches with storage in the corner of our breakfast nook for our kitchen table! So we spent Saturday afternoon gathering all the supplies and let me tell you... home ownership really teaches you how to navigate a Home Depot. 

five// Queen's Feast! Twice a year, there's something called Charlotte Restaurant week, or Queen's Feast. I've never gotten to go since moving to Charlotte but last night we finally went! Overall, it was a great time, but not perfect. We made an 8pm reservation since I get off work at 7:30, yet we were not seated until after 9:15. Needless to say we were STARVING. Luckily, everything was delicious so it kind of made up for it.

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