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Wedding Wednesday {Bachelorette Weekend}

OH what a wonderful Bachelorette Weekend it was... This is kind of long, so I'm jumping right in. And excuse the quality of some of the pictures.. it was a Bachelorette...


Katherine, my Maid of Honor, flew in from Indianapolis early in the morning and Sam and I met her at the airport with coffee in hand. From there, we made the 5ish hour drive from Charlotte to Savannah, GA. There, we checked in to a reallllly sketchy hotel. Sketchy as in the first room we were in didn't lock... and when we told the front desk attendant, he didn't seem phased. Later, we saw three creeps sitting in a truck outside our window for a few hours. We slept with the dresser and a table up against the door for obvious reasons.

Once we were checked in, we headed to Tybee Island for lunch and drinks: the only way to start the weekend. After a walk on the beach and a storm kicking us off, we headed to Target and the liquor store for supplies. Once we got back into our sketchy hotel, it was pouring rain and gross so we decided the only thing to do was drink of course. My sisters in law arrived shortly after and we spent the rest of the night drinking and eating. Perfection. 


Saturday, the rest of the party arrived and we headed to Huey's on the River for brunch.

That shrimp and grits was heavenly and those beignets were free. Perks of being an awesome bridal party! There were Bachelorette's everywhere - evident by all the matching tee's - and we were told a few times that we were the most fun/nicest different servers/bartenders had seen all weekend! We really loved that honor and definitely reaped the benefits (there's more free stuff on the way). 

And of course, we had matching tanks, too. They had adorable bows the back but sadly I don't think I have a picture of that. And Maggie's said "Team Bride" since she wasn't technically a bridesmaid and it was so cute!

After brunch, we attempted pictures on the river. It was windy and a little chilly so there were some struggles...

We checked into our real hotel that was right on River Street with a gorgeous view of Savannah and the river and proceeded to enjoy a little Fireball while having my lingerie shower - and I will not be sharing any pictures of those! My red face is only for me and the bridesmaids to laugh about!! 

The best thing about Savannah in my opinion (and part of the reason we chose it) is the lack of open container laws in DT Savannah. So after the shower, we headed out to explore River Street - beer in hand.. which led to a lot of shenanigans and me dancing alone.. 

I cannot for the life of me remember where we ate dinner but it was delicious. And we all made sure to stock up on carbs since we headed bar hopping afterwards. 

Blurry but it was the best we got of all of us!
Kristin - we've been friends since I was 16. Shocking that she still loves me ;) 

It took more than two tries..
Maggie and my two sisters in law!
So the intention was to go bar hopping after dinner but we stumbled upon a dueling piano bar and got a table right on the stage and we just never left. Most of the pictures from the bar, I can't bear to share on the blog because they are so embarrassing. I'll share a couple though :) 

All I'm showing from our drinking, scream singing and terrible dancing by the stage. But, you can see we had a great spot and our waitress LOVED us. As in, gave us too many free shots and never let my drinks get even close to empty. 

And yes, I'm ON the stage in that one.. They called up brides-to-be (there were seriously at least 25 bridal parties there that night) and we got to dance on stage! There was one bride in a white tutu who took things a little far up there and even tried to get on the stage - so I left the ones with her out. There are also too many embarrassing videos of my terrible dance moves floating around... 


Sunday... oh Sunday. I've never been that hungover and I never want to be ever again. I don't even know that I've had much to drink since that night. And I definitely have PTSD every time I even smell Fireball because from our count - we took at least 7 shots of it just at the bar... and we had a bottle in the hotel, too... 

We got home around 4am and I was up by 7:30a. I could barely dress myself to get out of the hotel and I definitely walked around the hotel in workout pants, a long sleeve shirt, TOMS, a nasty pony tail and sunglasses. Epitome of #whitegirlwasted  and people in the hotel were definitely laughing at me I'm told. I have no recollection. 

Sam, Katherine and I decided to head to Tybee Island and soak up some sun before heading home. I finally got some Coke in my system and started to feel a little better. But, Katherine's hangover didn't hit until she ate lunch once we got to the beach. And what started out as an innocent "let's soak up some rays"...

Turned into, "the waves are crashing over me, my towel, my shoes and my swimsuit coverup but I can't stand to move so I'll just stay here".  People thought she was insane and we laughed way too hard at her. Sam and I kept moving our chairs back and Katherine just continued to let the waves crash over in on my towel (we threw it away because it was so bogged down with sand), her coverup and her shoes. 

Finally, we loaded up and tracked down a McDonald's where we kicked our second hangover's butt with some cheeseburgers and large Coke's. 

It was honestly the most fun and perfect Bachelorette weekend I could have ever asked for and we now want to plan a trip together every year. 

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