Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wedding Wednesday {Bridal Shower}

Guess whose back, back, back. Back again (this week). Seriously, this is exciting. A

And I'm going to talk about our wedding!

Well, actually, my bridal shower.

A few months before the shower, my best friend and I had one of our marathon phone calls ( we live 12 hours apart) and she asked me my idea of what I wanted.

I said "well... I've pinned a couple things on Pinterest I liked.. I love the idea of a dainty little tea party. And I picture it outside. But I hate summer so I don't know how it'll work. I also saw these things with lemonade in them that were cute."

That's literally all I said. And this is what happened...

This was the food table. She took most of the pictures before the caterer arrived. 

These adorable mini cupcakes were made by my bridesmaid, Kristin, and had adorable silver sprinkles on them. 

Gift table. 

Details of the table. 

The yummy food. 
My bridesmaid, Sam's, brother owns his own restaurant and catered the yummy finger foods! 

One of my favorite gifts. My Aunt embroidered these towels and matching hand towels for us. It actually started to feel super real when I opened these and saw my new last name!

These girls are some of the best people I've ever known. They made this day perfect. 

Julie, on the far right, went to college with Sam (blue stripes), Kristin (blue dress) and I. She didn't tell anyone she was coming to the shower and I didn't see her when I first walked in. The second I saw her, I almost cried! She drove FIVE hours just to spend the afternoon with me! Talk about a great friend. 

My Maid of Honor. 
She planned this entire event from Indiana. She had never been to Charlotte and has no idea where anything is and she reserved this place sight unseen, yet it turned out perfectly. She drove down to NC almost 12 hours with all of the supplies in her car. Her parents then drove up from Georgia to set everything up without me even knowing until a couple days before - and trust me, I totally tried to stop it once I knew! 

I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and this girl blew me away with everything she planned for the events leading up to mine and Christian's big day. 

Also, I can't believe my hair was so long. I just cut it and I've already forgotten. 

My shower fell on a terrible weekend for most people that were invited, but I barely noticed that it was smaller than planned once all the fun began. I had some of my closest friends, my closest family members and of course, my great mother in law there to celebrate Christian and myself and we had such a blast. 

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Becky said...

Aww this sounds like such a fun shower! What sweet friends!! :) I love the tea party idea outside!!