Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm a Married Lady!

Don't mind me. Just showing up on the blog as a MARRIED LADY! I'm still a little bit in shock.

If you follow along on Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen some pictures from the reception. I had asked everyone to wait until after the ceremony of the program and it actually worked! I really want to share some, but since they're already on Instagram, feel free to check out my Instagram (now leslie_dice) and the hashtag #pairofdice to see the ones our friends posted! I really want to wait to show off the ones our fabulous photographer captured throughout the day.

But, I will show you some from the rest of the weekend :)


Friday was our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Christian and I started the day with a couples massage and it was absolutely perfect. I then got a mani and pedi with my MOH and two of my bridesmaids before we started getting ready for the rehearsal! It was such a fun day.

Here's a sneak peek of the venue as the bridal party practices their exits!

And THIS is the fabulous food we had. Christian had the trout and I had the baked meatloaf. Our dinner was at a wonderful restaurant in the Southpark area of Charlotte called the Village Tavern.

My friend, Sam, got a wonderful picture of us sitting at dinner. Christian hates taking pictures so it's quite a feat that this was the first try! 

After dinner, the bridal party convinced me to go out Uptown. I was quite against it since we had so much work to get done on Saturday.. but they did a great job convincing me and we ended up having blast!

I literally have the three best friends anyone could ever ask for. These girls are my rock!

We spent most of the day putting together favors, finalizing the seating chart, making the bouquets and all those other last minute details. My entire bridal party, MOH's boyfriend and my parents and little brother all pitched in and got everything done. They are all absolute angels. My dad and brother helped me pick out the flowers and the girls put their bouquets together and my MOH made the most beautiful bouquet for me to carry down the aisle. 

That night, my grandparents had planned the most beautiful party in our honor! They throw some pretty great parties and it was really fun to be the guests of honor at this one. 

Our bridal party was the absolute best!! Seriously, no one better.

And then of course, we had to attempt a good picture of me and Christian... 

We also gave the bridal party their gifts at the party. Christian gave his guys a leather flask and some cigar stuff. I gave my girls knot earrings, fall candles from Bath and Body Works (you know, the best ever), coffee mugs red robes to get ready in the next day! 

And, then, of course, I ended the night before my wedding with a sleepover with my best friend. 

It really was the best weekend of my life thus far. I cannot wait to show you guys more shots from the wedding! But, for now, I have to be patient and wait for our photographer to get them to us! 

In other really exciting news, we got our closing notice yesterday!!! As long as all the final inspections go well, we will be homeowners come 11/7!! Yes, NEXT Friday! 

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Becky said...

Congrats!!!!!!! I feel like this year flew by and I was just commenting on your engagement :) I'm so glad it was such a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see the professional pictures! From the IG pictures you already looked so so so beautiful! :) Ah I hope the final inspection goes well and you get the keys next week! :)