Tuesday, November 4, 2014

House Inspirations.

So I love Fall. Big, shocking statement right there, I know. But I always have. If I could rank the seasons I would definitely choose Fall, Winter, Spring and then wayyyy last place would be Summer.

So it would make sense that I'm a little upset that people are trying to kick fall out and bring in winter right now. Just because Halloween is over and we had time change over the weekend, that doesn't mean Fall is over. I keep seeing a lot of people say things "now that Fall is on the way out", etc. GUYS. It's only been Fall for, like, 5 or 6 weeks. Winter doesn't start until the week of Christmas. Let's keep enjoying our Fall leaves, pumpkin whatever it is (I actually don't like pumpkin, but whatever), corn mazes, pumpkin patches and everything else that comes with this beautiful season! We'll just enjoy all of our Fall hot beverages in red cups ;)

Now that my little Fall rant is over, the real point of my post is Fall decor. Since we're moving into our house this weekend (yes, THIS WEEKEND), I'm still going to do a little bit of Fall decorating. I probably won't go as crazy as I'd like to since we will be decorating for Christmas pretty soon, but I want to soak up as much as I can in the next few weeks!

Here are some ideas I love that I've found on Pinterest..

The Porch

The very first thing I'm going to do this weekend is grab a pumpkin, paint it with our initial and grab a clearance wreath from one of our craft stores. I'd love to make one - but I'm not going to have much time. I'll do it for Christmas :)


Miscellaneous Decor for around the house

I am SO ready to have a house to decorate. I do a little bit of decorating in the apartment, but there's just not a lot of space to fill here because it's all taken up by our normal stuff. Next year I'm sure I'll get to do even more but now that a lot of Fall stuff is on sale since everyone thinks Fall is over.. I'm sure I'll get some great deals on some things. Which is wonderful because I already plan on buying a decent chunk for Christmas this year - the husband has already approved it ;) 

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Jennie said...

I love all this fall decor!

Becky said...

Ahh this weekend!? I can't wait to see pictures!! :) I'm with you - Fall is not over yet!!!!