Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

We are 116 days out from on of the best days of our life and I have so. much. to. do. Lucky for me, my mom is coming up this weekend to help me knock a whole bunch of it so wish us luck..

Here's some things on our list:

The boys. I think I like the khaki or lighter grey and then of course, they're wearing the red to match my bridesmaids!

All from Pinterest
Flower girl dress. We're having lunch with my flower girl and her mom before we head over to pick out her dress! We definitely should have done this earlier but with us all being so busy, my mom living in Georgia and wanting to come with us, this was the only weekend we could finally make it work!

Invitations. So the time will be here soon enough that we have to send those babies out, so I should probably pick some out and order them. And I really have no idea how I'm wanting them to look.. Oops.

Our Save the Dates!
Shoes. I'm planning to wear red shoes and I just cannot find the shoes that I'm picturing so I'm sure Mom and I will be driving all over Charlotte trying to find the perfect shoes: perfect red, not too high, comfortable and at a good price.

Details. We plan to narrow down things I want for centerpieces, guest book, flowers, seating charts, and all those other little details I've yet to worry myself about!

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Wedding Wednesday
NC Belle In Boots

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movin' On Out!

So if you remember last month (you know, when I felt like blogging semi-regularly) I announced we're buying a house! This change has left me extremely stressed with everything else we have going on and sometimes I legitimately regret the decision. This sounds bad, but the reason is because it's just so much going on and that big chunk of money that has to go out right after the wedding...

But it's all okay! 98% of the time, I'm pumped. And during that 2%, Christian always reminds me of the great things about us buying a house:

one // The lady above us. She is SO loud. I don't understand how she can be so loud. She also never sleeps. She's just stomping around all hours of the day. Then she's doing laundry late at night (we can hear her washing machine... ) and vacuuming early in the morning (usually on the weekends) and it's awful. Then to top it off, she has a yappy dog. A yappy dog that she likes to put in the kitchen and/or laundry room and let it bark...

two // Having to keep our blinds closed all the time. We live on the first floor and our living room windows back up to green space for the complex. At first glance, seems awesome. But, that's the main spot that people take their dogs out. Needless to say, if we kept our blinds open there would be people staring in all the time; so our apartment can be mighty dark sometimes.

three // There was a DJ at the pool last week. A DJ. At the pool. The music was so loud that I was under the impression it was the lady above us (see above...) playing music on her porch. It was so loud I had to turn the TV up to a ridiculous point. Once we figured out it was at the pool, we were shocked to see it was across the complex with approx. 7 people actually at the pool.

four // I park in a parking lot. Christian lucked out and he gets to park in our one car garage. With our house, we BOTH get to park in the garage! As in I get to use my garage opener to open the door, drive in, close the door and enter my home directly from the garage. I get to enter through a mudroom where I can put my shoes/jacket/scarf/purse/work bag/etc. It's a little sad how excited this makes me - but it also means my car won't get as hot in the summer or as cold in the winter!
Obviously we live in Charlotte now, not Boone, but you get it!
five // Dedicated spaces. Again, maybe a little weird to get excited about. But, right now our apartment is literally 4 rooms - bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and "living space" (kitchen, table and couches).  I'm so excited to have a dedicated dining space, dedicated living space, a bedroom upstairs, an office, and guest bedrooms (and bathrooms!). I won't be sharing our personal bathroom with our guests anymore. They won't be sleeping on our couch.

Some home office inspiration from my Pinterest!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Boone has my heart!

Hi strangers! Don't worry - I'm alive! I'm working the night shift the next two weeks so I'm hoping I will have more time to show up here in blogland! And today, I absolutely had to tell you guys about my weekend this past weekend!

Thursday night, one of my best friends drove up to Charlotte from Athens for a wonderful best friend weekend! She stayed the night with our friend Sam. Friday morning, we all got up early, I picked the girls up and we headed up the mountain to Boone!

Our first stop atop the mountain was King Street. We walked up and down the street, did a little shopping and then decided we needed some cheese fries from Macados. Technically, Macados is a chain (and there's even one up in North Charlotte) but to me, it's a Boone restaurant and it's the only place I'll eat it so we definitely had to stop for a snack.

After that, we went to Mast General Store to look at all the fun candy, trinkets and Sam bought herself her first pair of Chacos!

After King Street, we drove around Boone a little bit more before stopping to get beer, changing into our swimsuits and heading to Hebron Rock Colony. Somehow I had never made to Hebron so it was so much fun to do with two of my best friends - take a baby hike, scale some rocks and lay out in sun drinking a few beers! 

After soaking up the beautiful mountain air and sunshine, we headed to our favorite Mexican spot - Los - for some ACP. It was the most perfect end to a perfect Boone day. 

We headed back down the mountain to meet up with our men and go out to the bars. We headed to Montord - basically a road full of awesome bars. Our first stop was the bowling alley - they have cornhole, pink pong, Bocce ball, multiple bars, really great food (no seriously, it's weird) and of course, bowling! 

The craziest thing happened when we ordered our drinks: the four of us with NC licenses have no issues (obviously) but then Kristin hands over her GA license the bartender just keeps staring at her license for a solid minute or two before looking at her and saying "This is fake, sweetie"

I was sure one of us was going to hit her. 1) Don't you dare call her sweetie when you're the idiot. 2) She's 24 years old. 

They try to take her license because they're all convinced it's fake - uh, how is she supposed to drive back to Georgia with no license?? Nope. So we all start yelling and demanding that she get someone over here to sort this out and prove it's real. Sam even told her to call the cops so they could run her license number and give it back to her. 

The bartender hands it to the manager and he disappears for a solid 10/15 minutes. Sam finds him out in the parking lot with his iPhone out, GOOGLING what Georgia licenses look like... Needless to say she did some fit pitching and finally got them to give it back to Kristin - but not before they wanted to check her debit cards to make sure her name matched her license... It was crazy. 

Saturday, Sam's sister had her graduation party so as Sam went over to help set up, her husband, Kristin, Christian and I laid by the pool for a few hours before heading to the party. We had such a fun day eating delicious food, drinking great summer beer and hanging out with her awesome family! 

To end the perfect best friend's weekend, we headed back to my pool for a night swim and a dip in the hot tub! 

There were a lot of selfies this weekend. 

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Current Favorites!

Happy Thursday, Friends! I'm off work today, cuddled up with Zuko on the couch and catching up on the DVR until we get to go pick out all the details on our house at 1pm!!! Nope, not excited at all. ;)

Onwards, to my current obsessions.

one // All of Me - John Legend. I honestly scan through every single radio station looking for this one before I select a station to listen to. It's awful. My aunt and uncle had their first dance to it and it was beautiful! But, don't get my started on the REMIXED version. WHY would someone do that to such a beautiful song?!

two // Einstein Bagels. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me post quite a few coffee cups from here and it's always a Caramel Machiatto. And my favorite bagel is their Asiago bagel, toasted with butter. I'm pretty sure the two people who usually run the drive-thru know me by my voice and order.

Stolen from Pinterest because I've actually never taken one of my own.. 

three // How cute Zuko is. Obviously, this is always an obsession of mine because he's so freakin' cute. But he just loves us so much and can get very needy if you're not petting him while we're cuddling and it's so cute for a cat considering they're characterized and being standoffish.
The top two are my favorite. He carries his polar bear toy around like a dog would and it's so cute. He also climbed up on top of Christian last night and went to sleep - precious. 
four // Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. I know I've seen many a blogger bragging about this stuff and I really never put much stock into it. But, finally, I saw it on sale at Target - so I bought it! I now really want to start trying out the other options in the line because this one is gold!


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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life Through the iPhone

Life is grand - I feel like I'm being braggy about life lately but that's what this space is for, right? Documenting our lives and what we're doing and how we're feeling about it?

This weekend we had the most perfect Summer Saturday we've had yet and I look forward to many, many more weekend days like that. It started Saturday morning with lunch at Moe's with Christian and then we stopped at our lot and I took a lot of pictures so I could show my parents! And now you guys..

Our sold sign. 
Top right - view from the road. 
Bottom right - view from the back of the lot. 

I can't believe this is our. I'm having a slight meltdown over the money we just signed away in the middle of wedding planning and working our butts off at work, but I know it will all be worth it and I  know we are going to be ecstatic and over the moon once its finished and we actually get to move in and start our chapter as husband and wife in our pretty new house. 

After our house viewing, we had friends come over and we spent the rest of the day laying by the pool and then grilling out for dinner. Sam made some delicious chicken sandwiches and guacamole. I also purchased Chewy chocolate chip cookies stuffed with BROWNIE. Yes, we demolished those - no worries. 

Of course, it was back to work Sunday but I received multiple texts messages with these attached!! I can't believe that it's almost here and that it's 138 days away! 

Thank you Maggie for the picture ;) 
Monday started a crazy week and really a crazy month at work but I started it off in style with sequins and coffee! What better way to get up and stay motivated?? 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you're having a great week so far!

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