Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Movin' On Out!

So if you remember last month (you know, when I felt like blogging semi-regularly) I announced we're buying a house! This change has left me extremely stressed with everything else we have going on and sometimes I legitimately regret the decision. This sounds bad, but the reason is because it's just so much going on and that big chunk of money that has to go out right after the wedding...

But it's all okay! 98% of the time, I'm pumped. And during that 2%, Christian always reminds me of the great things about us buying a house:

one // The lady above us. She is SO loud. I don't understand how she can be so loud. She also never sleeps. She's just stomping around all hours of the day. Then she's doing laundry late at night (we can hear her washing machine... ) and vacuuming early in the morning (usually on the weekends) and it's awful. Then to top it off, she has a yappy dog. A yappy dog that she likes to put in the kitchen and/or laundry room and let it bark...

two // Having to keep our blinds closed all the time. We live on the first floor and our living room windows back up to green space for the complex. At first glance, seems awesome. But, that's the main spot that people take their dogs out. Needless to say, if we kept our blinds open there would be people staring in all the time; so our apartment can be mighty dark sometimes.

three // There was a DJ at the pool last week. A DJ. At the pool. The music was so loud that I was under the impression it was the lady above us (see above...) playing music on her porch. It was so loud I had to turn the TV up to a ridiculous point. Once we figured out it was at the pool, we were shocked to see it was across the complex with approx. 7 people actually at the pool.

four // I park in a parking lot. Christian lucked out and he gets to park in our one car garage. With our house, we BOTH get to park in the garage! As in I get to use my garage opener to open the door, drive in, close the door and enter my home directly from the garage. I get to enter through a mudroom where I can put my shoes/jacket/scarf/purse/work bag/etc. It's a little sad how excited this makes me - but it also means my car won't get as hot in the summer or as cold in the winter!
Obviously we live in Charlotte now, not Boone, but you get it!
five // Dedicated spaces. Again, maybe a little weird to get excited about. But, right now our apartment is literally 4 rooms - bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and "living space" (kitchen, table and couches).  I'm so excited to have a dedicated dining space, dedicated living space, a bedroom upstairs, an office, and guest bedrooms (and bathrooms!). I won't be sharing our personal bathroom with our guests anymore. They won't be sleeping on our couch.

Some home office inspiration from my Pinterest!
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Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

having your own home is totally worth the expense, we purchased 5 months before the wedding and yes its stressful but your sanity will thank you.

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Oh you are so going to love having your own house! It is so much better, you'll see!!

Unknown said...

Don't be stressed out, Leslie! Buying a house can be overwhelming, but Christian is right on this one. Add to the fact that you have a place you'd call yourselves home after all that effort. Those weird things that you're excited about, those are the happy feelings of a new homeowner. Don't call it weird, just think of it as something you'd love to feel everyday. Congratulations on your new house!

Kristy Sanders @ Creb Now