Thursday, June 5, 2014

Current Favorites!

Happy Thursday, Friends! I'm off work today, cuddled up with Zuko on the couch and catching up on the DVR until we get to go pick out all the details on our house at 1pm!!! Nope, not excited at all. ;)

Onwards, to my current obsessions.

one // All of Me - John Legend. I honestly scan through every single radio station looking for this one before I select a station to listen to. It's awful. My aunt and uncle had their first dance to it and it was beautiful! But, don't get my started on the REMIXED version. WHY would someone do that to such a beautiful song?!

two // Einstein Bagels. If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me post quite a few coffee cups from here and it's always a Caramel Machiatto. And my favorite bagel is their Asiago bagel, toasted with butter. I'm pretty sure the two people who usually run the drive-thru know me by my voice and order.

Stolen from Pinterest because I've actually never taken one of my own.. 

three // How cute Zuko is. Obviously, this is always an obsession of mine because he's so freakin' cute. But he just loves us so much and can get very needy if you're not petting him while we're cuddling and it's so cute for a cat considering they're characterized and being standoffish.
The top two are my favorite. He carries his polar bear toy around like a dog would and it's so cute. He also climbed up on top of Christian last night and went to sleep - precious. 
four // Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. I know I've seen many a blogger bragging about this stuff and I really never put much stock into it. But, finally, I saw it on sale at Target - so I bought it! I now really want to start trying out the other options in the line because this one is gold!


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Becky said...

Gimme that bagel and coffee now! YUM! Haha I love Zuko's polar bear toy - I love when cats like to play with toys! I hope picking out your house details was a blast :) :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Bahaha I love when cats act like dogs...if they all did that, people would like them a lot more ;) I love cats, and loved when mine used to fall asleep on me!! So cute. I have tried that dark circle eraser by accident once...I totally bought it thinking it was foundation, whoops! BUT it was awesome haha

Savannah said...

Oh I simply love me a good bagel! And i love when my cat acts like a dog! So funny!

Amanda said...

I LOVE Einstein's! It is hands down what I miss most about college. And Zuko is adorable, as always! :)

Marley Marie said...

Einstein bagels are the best!! I'm pretty sure during college, I had one every single day!!!