Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humpday Happiness

After yesterday's depressing post, I'm back today highlighting some happy things going on in my life and around us!

First, I actually have some good news regarding work! I've been working 1p until midnight Tuesday-Thursday since JUNE. And Sunday 10a-9p. When we start there, we're told that we're supposed to slowly get better schedules as time passes and I've been promised a better schedule a probably 10 or 12 times and I've never actually gotten one.

Finally, yesterday I was called in to meet with the "man in charge of schedules" and he kept my Friday and Saturday off (which is needed for my sanity) and traded my Monday for Tuesday off. AND he made my days on, earlier. So I'm working 9:30am to 8:30pm which means I will get to see Christian every. single. day. of the week. This is even more needed for my sanity so that was quite a relief.

Anyways, on to real happies for everyone.

one // This. I've written a post before about people telling me I'm too young to get married and this writer nails it on the head. Seriously. Getting married does not mean we have stopped growing or reached our "end goals". We're here to support each other and make each other better. We can't help when we fall in love, we just do. And if I know I want to marry someone, why wait around?

two // Basically. 

three // My life story. I'm the grandma of the group, I'm pretty sure. And this is how I feel every time I go out.

four // Valentine's Day is coming, friends. Whether or not you're single or in a relationship, I suggest everyone use it as an excuse to pamper yourself. If you're single, have a girls day of manis/pedis, wine, cheesecake, whatever! Christian and I usually spend actual V-day being lazy as all get out with take out and movies and plan a nice couples massage the day after!

five // Zuko. I meannnn I have the cutest kitty on the planet.

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Andiepants said...

Hi Leslie!
I am sooo happy things at work are moving towards the better and a more happy schedule!
Sometimes it's really hard to look past the clouds to find the little bit of sunshine. Thank goodness for Christian and Zuko to keep you sane...right?
My "kitty" drives me a little insane, but he is getting old and turning 15 this year!

By the way....EVERYTHING is better with chocolate :)
Andie's Traveling Pants

Carly said...

so happy to hear about your changed schedule! And 2 & 3 are so true! hahaha

Becky said...

I'm so glad your hours improved!!! :) Also the article was written by a friend of a friend!

Megan @ the virginia line said...

Haha I'm totally the grandma of the group! How did I used to stay out so late?

Erin LFF said...

I am also a grandma! The rare times we stay out past midnight I'm LIKE OMG WHO AM I?! And then I need a full day to recover the next day- hehe!