Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ditching the Suits

My workplace now has no real "dress code". I wear jeans and boots most days. I do try to dress up a smidge during the week with nice sweaters, etc. Sundays are always reserved for t-shirts and yoga pants, though, since there aren't many people there and it's slow. Anyways, towards the end of college and since graduation, I've tried to grow my "professional" wardrobe little by little.

Since I'll hopefully be going on some job interviews soon with one of the turning into a new job, I've been scouring Pinterest for some new outfits to wear to work once I have a real dress code to follow and I now have an entire board dedicated to work outfits.

Here are some outfits I'm currently lusting over. And most of them are full of color because I hate the idea that all professional clothing needs to be black, gray and brown to look professional.

This one is so classy. Perfect for a big meeting or even a great first day of work outfit. And it's a perfect outfit for those cold days we've been having. 

I actually try to stay away from yellow because it doesn't really flatter me. But, I feel like putting yellow on the bottom instead of wearing it close to my face, would be much easier to work and I'm just loving this yellow and purple combination!

Honestly, my dream dress. Yes. Yes. Yes. 

Again, loving the yellow on the bottom. And YES with the red shoes. I love mixing colors like this and I've always loved red and yellow together for some reason. 

What a great Spring outfit! That skirt is phenomenal. As is the top and shoes. I want this right now. 

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Erin LFF said...

Yep, I'll take this whole wardrobe please!!! ;) I have to wear nice clothes, but mine are so old and I'm 'making do' until we're out of debt. Cannot WAIT to get some of these outfits- that white top, yellow skirt is my FAVE!

Becky said...

I"m trying to build my wardrobe little by little too but boy do I wish I could just splurge!!!! :)

Amanda said...

I loveeee professional clothes and have a serious pencil skirt addiction. I love this post because I'm always on the lookout for work clothes inspiration. I just need this foot of snow to go away so I'm more inclined to dress cute!