Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm an Emotional Wreck

Sunday at work, while discussing how we like to spend extra money we win at work in the form of $10 gift cards with a coworker, I admitted something quite embarrassing. It's something I didn't realize was that embarrassing but he gave me a hard time the rest of the day about so I decided the only way to find out how embarrassing this really is would be to put it out here in blogland and see if I have anyone who does the same thing!

And we're all about being ourselves and all our little weird quirks so here we go!

I cry at action movies. 

Whew. So glad I got that out. What a relief. I'm now dying in a pool of embarrassment over here ;)

No, but, seriously. Christian is threatening to stop taking me to them if I don't cut it out. And he thinks its the weirdest thing ever and he usually elbows me when he knows its coming.

I guess I should explain.. Let me share a few of them that I've cried at and WHY.

Pacific Rim

This is your typical dude action flick. Aliens and all. Completely unrealistic, too. I thought it was a decent movie and didn't realize I was attached to it at all until they're gearing up for that final battle.

Quick plot: they fight of the aliens by having two people in ginormous robots who can basically read each others' minds. By the end of the movie there are two teams left: a male/female team and a father/son team. The father injures himself and can't go out for the final battle. The "commander" of this whole operation steps up to take the place of the father. He's sick and knows he won't make it back. Plot twist: he's the father figure to the female on the other team who was orphaned the last time the aliens attacked. He took her in and raised her after finding her alone in the street crying. 

Father/Son Team // Source
So basically, the son says goodbye to his father AND HIS DOG knowing he won't come home. And the commander says good bye to everyone he's been fighting with/for AND HIS SWEET DAUGHTER and I lost it. Absolutely could not handle it. HIS DOG. I just couldn't handle it. And on top of that, the commander guy gave such a great speech. I know, I'm weird.

And that's the best I could find on You Tube at this point...

The Avengers 

I'm not going to explain this one because I'm sure you've all seen it. And if you haven't, hit that little red X up in the corner, pull up Netflix and watch it. I honestly don't care what you're doing now, watch it. I'll even give you my Netflix log in if for some reason you don't have one yet.

Anyways, Little Ole Tony Stark has decided to sacrifice himself and takes off into the sky. On his way, he tries to call Pepper AND SHE DOESN'T ANSWER. Her phone is just ring ring ringing and nothing. No answer because she's watching this happen on TV. Better question, WHY DIDN'T SHE TRY TO CALL HIM. Seriously. I guess she thought he was busy, but I would've tried to call him.

I honestly thought he might not make it back. I'm way too emotionally attached to Tony Stark, I understand that. Regardless, I cried. Even after knowing he survives, I still tear up when I watch it now. I'm a sucker for love, okay?

And on top of that, they've all been working so hard all day and I'm sure they're really tired and THEY KEEP PUSHING to save the world. It's just all so emotional and heart warming.

Star Trek: Into Darkness 

And to finish the embarrassing emotional roller coaster, we have Star Trek. Let me give some back story here: Christian is obsessed with Star Trek. He grew up watching all the old ones with his dad and he knows way too much about them. He can tell what season/movie it is within about a minute of watching it. It's cute. And a little sad, but hey! I love him regardless.

As a show of love, I went to see the first remake with him and actually liked it and actually asked to see the second one without him having to beg me. And what a mistake that was.

All you need to know for this one is that Capt. Kirk and Spock are great friends (after hating each other in the first one) and they really rely on each other for everything. Well, Capt. Kirk sacrifices himself to save the ship at the end and there's nothing anyone can do to save him. Spock finds out and it was the most heartbreaking scene.

I just can't even handle that. Like, just no. WHY. I was bawling like a baby. And Christian of course thought I was ridiculous BUT he also knew (as a Star Trek nerd) that Kirk would (Spoiler Alert!) come back to life by the end of the movie so he wasn't as upset as I was. 

So there you have it. I'm weird, I know. I get way too worked up about these things, but hopefully I'm not alone out here. And if I am, just know that if we ever hang out, you shouldn't watch an action movie with me without a box of tissues. 

Oh and if you're a normal human being and you didn't get an emotional reaction from the above clips, try this one... 

Actually, don't watch that. I got sucked in to these last night and cried for a solid 30 minutes. 

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Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

I don't know if "The Grey" was technically considered an action movie (Liam Neeson, plane crash, wolf that eats people) but within 30 minutes of the start of the movie we had to leave the theater because I was crying and blubbering like a baby. So embarrassing, so I feel your pain on this one haha

jackie jade said...

ha I don't think this is that weird. I get weirdly emotional about stuff. especially with dogs! I would've been bawling at the first one too!
-- jackie @ jade and oak

Heather said...

The Avengers, Star Trek: Into Darkness, and Thor 2 all had me tearing up. You aren't alone - these action movies can get emotional!

Duh! Danae said...

Olympus Has Fallen and the new Red Dawn streams of tears over here. Billy looks at me like who the hell are you?!

Carly said...

I've actually never seen any of these movies-- but I try in basically every movie so don't feel bad :)

The Lady Okie said...

Does Armageddon count as an action movie? Because I BAWL every time I watch it.