Friday, January 10, 2014

I'm Pooped.

I have worked almost every single day since Christmas. We had really low volume of calls the last weeks of December that caused a lot of splits shifts (basically, I get to leave early and make it up later). This was great because I did get to spend more time with Christian but it also meant that I was working really weird hours and just becoming more and more exhausted. Then this week, they required mandatory overtime and then cut lunches to 30 minutes.... Needless to say, I feel like I'm dying right now.

one // We are getting a kitchen table finally! We've actually been scrounging around on Craigslist waiting for a good table to pop up in our price range because we are not willing to spend an arm and a leg on a table we know we aren't going to have too terribly long!

two // Dog. I am not going to jinx this or say that this is 100% happening... BUT, yesterday I saw a cute puppy on the Humane Society's Facebook from Boone, NC (where Zuko and Emmy are from). It's an Australian Shepard/Border Collie mix with one brown and one blue eye. I will not post a picture because I will be sad. We decided that the collie in her would be too much for our apartment and a puppy would be too much for us right now.

Our cat, Zuko and his parent's dog, Emmy
BUT after talking some more we decided an older dog might fit our needs more and we would love to get a dog that someone else may overlook since they're not a puppy. Therefore, we started looking at the shelters around Charlotte and found one we'd really like to meet. Christian is going to make a few calls today and see what we can work out!

I'm still a little hesitant, though, since we are working a lot right now and I want make sure we have a plenty of time for the pup to play. I also am a little worried about Zuko. Poor guy is very afraid of dogs. He warmed up to my parent's dog Teddy buuuut Teddy is smaller than Zuko so no surprise there. He's quite scared of Sadie and Emmy (each of our parents' dogs).

three // Movie date! Christian's parents gave us a Regal gift card for Christmas and I think we'll be cashing that in tomorrow! I'm thinking we'll probably see American Hustle or Wolf of Wall Street. I'd love to hear your opinions if you've seen either of which one we should see!

four // I started one of my 2014 goals! One of my goals for this year is to stop biting my nails so I decided to start realllllly early so I have the entire year to try to do it. I always have fake nails on so I can't bite them off but yesterday before work I had them taken off and had a gel manicure so that I can't bite and chip the polish off so hopefully this will work! Wish me luck!

five // I've gotta get my wedding planning butt in gear! I haven't really done anything since we had our engagement pictures done in November! With the location being almost all inclusive, that helps a lot but I need to start getting Save the Dates together, a guest list finalized and make some decisions about what I what the day to look like exactly. I've got a color scheme but I have a million and twelve ideas about centerpieces and other extras running around in my head!

And yes, I used that an excuse to post two of them ;)

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Becky said...

Ahh I hope the dog works out!! Over time our cats and dogs have gotten used to each other. Love the engagement photos!!! :)