Monday, November 4, 2013

I love Daylight Savings.

Ah, the weekend. It goes by way too quickly every single time. Not only do I really have no idea what I did over the weekend, I really have no pictures from it. Well, I do have some apartment shots - so you guys are getting an apartment sneak peek today! 

Right after I tell you about my weekend. Friday, Christian worked and I was a lazy sack o' bones most of the day. I did some more wedding brainstorming while watching Say Yes to the Dress. I've always been obsessed with the wedding shows but it's a million times worse, now. 

Once Christian got home, we ran to Target and then headed off to see Ender's Game where we snuck in our drinks and candy and only bought popcorn - I seriously don' know why we don't do that more often, but, we will now! After the movie, we came home and I made him get caught up on Scandal!

Saturday, Christian went to his best friend's little brother's football game and I cleaned the apartment head to toe after treating myself to a Bojangle's biscuit! I even moved the couches to vacuum! It was intense. I also had "At Last - Etta James" Pandora on and it was a fabulous playlist to clean to. I was rocking out with Zukes getting everything done.

That night, we headed out to dinner with his best friend and then over to another friend's to do a little pre-gaming and ended up playing Guitar Hero! Well, I watched because I absolutely suck at that game. I then drove the boys out to a couple bars. At the first bar, we saw an entire wedding party - including the bride and groom! I of course couldn't stop staring at her dress and I actually loved her bridesmaid dresses and now I'm considering looking for something similar! They were perfect for a Fall evening wedding.

At the last bar, I remembered Daylight Savings and got so  excited because I was exhausted and had to work Sunday morning (and all day...). So I loaded up the boys, dropped them all off at home and jumped into my bed.

Today, we're both off so we're being oh so lazy and then meeting with our potential photographer today and hopefully will have an engagement shoot scheduled! :)

And without further ado.... a sneak peek of our little home!

Walking out of our bedroom and into the living room!

Spot the kitty :)

Up close of the couches! I really want new pillows - I'm not obsessed with these, at all.

Christian installed all of these shelves and I've been at work decorating them!

Up close of the shelves!

This lamp matches our floor lamp, just with a different shade. I love it!

Frame - TJ Maxx, Pumpkin - Target, Jar and Cones - Old Time Pottery 
Kitchen Decor - We don't have a lot of room... 

Bathroom jewelry organization!

The bathroom and bedroom aren't quite ready to showcase, so that's why you only get a bathroom sneak peak! Hopefully, the bedroom will have some more decor soon!
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Katie said...

I love bringing my own drinks to the movies! (I can be so cheap) Also, I just found out its Daylight Saving with no S and my mind is blown, thought yours might be too!

Unknown said...

Scandal was so good this week!! I could not believe the ending! I just wish Fitz and Olivia would get together already, lol. Your apartment looks so cute!!

Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Love the shelves! And I'm super jealous of your couches, I want new ones but we want to buy a house soonish so we figure we will just get new furniture then, wahhh

Unknown said...

I love the pillows on your sofas! That was actually what caught my eye in the picture! Especially with the curtains! Your blog is cute! I've been following for a couple of weeks now! Can't wait to watch your wedding details unfold! :)

Erin LFF said...

I love your couches and pillows too :) AND the floating shelves around your tv- everything looks so cute!

Becky said...

I love all the decorations in your living room!

I hope the photographer works out!!! :0

My Misters Mrs said...

Your little home looks so adorable! Good luck on your engagement photos! I am sure they will be beautiful!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I love the shelving/TV mount area! Your place is coming together so well, great job!