Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Turns out, he likes me.

Back at the beginning of this blogging journey, I started sharing mine and Christian's story. We're definitely weirdos and I would say our story isn't too terribly traditional. If you missed how we met and how we first kissed catch up here and here.

The weirdo finally kissed me at a rugby party, but I still wasn't sure if he was all on board for a relationship. I definitely wasn't looking for a relationship, but after we kissed, that's all I wanted! I had been having small feelings that this might be something different, so I needed to know he was feeling the same way. 

This is where things got overwhelming. Christian was a serious commitment-phobe. He was dating me and he agreed we were exclusive and all that jazz but I never really heard him refer to me as his girlfriend and besides his friends in Boone no one else really knew we were dating in his life. He assured me it was just him being private and I had nothing to worry about. 

Him trying to avoid pictures at a rugby banquet
My poor friends were serious troopers to deal with me the first few months because I was whiny. I was so happy every second I was with him, but his fear of commitment was ROUGH. It wasn't like we argued or he treated me badly... He was actually wonderful. But I always just felt like he was still preparing for it not to work out. 

Those poor girls listening to me whine
After about 7 months of dating, he left for the summer. He was gone for almost 4 months and had zero signal where he was in Ohio. We had talked about breaking up, but we never did. But we also didn't specify that we were together. I had no idea what was going on with us and it took a toll. 

After a night out with friends, meeting a cute guy and him asking me out, I texted Christian and told him I couldn't do this anymore. That was a Saturday night. 

Monday night, I went on said date. He was a very pleasant person but I knew from then on that Christian was it. The idea of being out with someone else or kissing someone else (which I didn't do!!) was absolutely disgusting to me. 

I obviously only want to kiss this guy
As I'm driving home, I'm on the phone with my friends telling them how guilty I felt when my phone rang and Christian's face popped up on my phone. Weeks of no contact and the night I go on a "date", he magically calls. That definitely solidified everything for me. We never discussed where we stood on that call either, but I knew he wasn't seeing anyone there and I never wanted to see anyone else. 

After getting back from Ohio, things were strained for a couple weeks. Finally, he tries to break up with me one Saturday night. I spent the entire night crying and when I left him in the morning, he tried to act like everything was ok. I told him not to call or text me at all and that I didn't want to be his friend because I only wanted to be his girlfriend. 

Couples that drink 151 together, stay together. 
Tuesday rolls around and he's coming over to get the rest of his stuff at my apartment. Homeboy walks in, sits down and acts like nothing happened. I'm barely looking at him and finally he asks if I want to watch a movie.  I turn around and just stare at him. The following conversation took place:

Me: Are you serious?!
Him: ...what?
Me: Uh you broke up with me on Tuesday... 
Him: Oh yeah.. that. Well, I think we should break up but I really don't want to.

And we've been quite happy ever since. Every relationship has it's ups and downs and of course we've had our fair share of those. But every single time he walks through the door, I can't help but smile. He's the most wonderful and supportive guy in the whole world and I cannot wait for this next adventure we're embarking on! 
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Katie said...

You guys are too cute! I know y'all will love your new apartment!

Anonymous said...

Your ending sounds much like Tyson and I, we still just all the sudden act like nothing is wrong after we've had a big fight.

Becky said...

Peter and I have had our ups and downs too but boy do I love that guy! I'm excited for your new adventure with him!!

Erin LFF said...

Ups and downs are all part of the story! I'm so glad you shared :) You guys are adorable!!