Monday, July 15, 2013

I love weekends.

I'm also looking for anyone who wants to join me in the official petition to make our weekends longer. I'm sure I won't find any takers here in the blog world... Bueller?

AnyWHO. I love them. And this one was no different. 


I always like to include Thursdays in order to convince myself my weekend was longer than it actually was. I got off work around 6p and headed straight to Chili's with Christian for dinner. We're classy like that. After some delicious 2 for $20 action, we headed directly to the couch with one pitstop at a Redbox. We each let each other pick a movie with no input from the other one. That was a grand idea..  He picked Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.  I personally hated it. But, hey, we made a deal! Then it was early bedtime and no alarm clock!

Thursday's outfit!

Friday rocked. We woke up around 9am and realized it was not raining for now, so we raced over to Carowinds. We spent the first few hours of the day playing like little kids at the water park. Seriously, it was mostly kids under 12 and we were right there with them racing up the water slides and playing in the wave pool. I swear we're really in our 20s. SWEAR. 

Sidenote: You see the strangest people in theme parks... I have an entire post drafted about it, so stayed tuned for that gem ;)

After that, we rode a couple roller coasters in the park before we started feeling rain drops and high tailed it back to my couch to watch my movie: This is 40. Oh the joys of a season pass. I actually really liked the movie and found it to be super funny if not also exactly how Christian and I will be in 18 years... 

Christian went out with the guys and I enjoyed a lazy night in sweats with Zuko. Awesome. 

This guy loves windows

Christian went to look at another apartment and we both fell in love with it. Now all we have to do is wait and keep our fingers crossed that the exact one we want becomes available soon in time for October move in! Good vibes would be greatly appreciated :) 

After that, we picked up my ring!! It's finally back where it belongs on my hand!! After the girly stop in the jewelry store, Christian wanted to go to Best Buy to play with electronics and we ended up shopping for TVs and comparing which ones he wants and what I think we need. Boys and their toys...

After that grown up day, we came back to my place to chill. And by chill I mean he watched weird shows while I played on Pinterest before he stole my computer to research vacuum cleaners. Seriously. HOW old are we?? 12 and 60 in the same weekend. 

Our friends Sam and Jeremy came over for drinks and dinner and we had a blast! We also had a celebrity sighting at the Pizza Hut across the street from my apartment. 

Jeremy is a huge sports fan and that night he happened to be wearing a Charlotte Hornets hat. As we're leaving,  a very tall guy holds open the door for me and asks Jeremy where he got his hat. They chat for a minute before he walks up to the counter and gives his last name: Curry. 

Any die-hard Hornets or Basketball fans now know who I'm talking about, I'm sure. Dell Curry. 

Father of Seth and Stephen Curry. 



Although I didn't know who he was without Google, it's still prettyyyyy awesome that a famous NBA player is getting Pizza Hut beside my apartment. 


Well, my weekends are Friday and Saturday, so I worked 10a-7p on Sunday and it. was. so. busy. Like, they asked us to take 30 minute lunches instead of an hour and provided us lunch so we wouldn't have to drive anywhere and could get right back to work. But, hey, I made money, so I'm happy!

Sunday night I made dinner for Christian and myself before watching a few episodes before heading to bed!

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Beth Boone said...

Love that outfit!!

Chelsee W said...

I am in on making the weekends longer!

Katie Whitten said...

I'll sign that petition! And I am right there with you about the weirdos at water parks! Which is why I never go to them, and also something about sharing water with strangers haha! Following from the hop!

Katie said...

I have been reading on Bloglovin for iPad but I love your new blog design! It looks great!