Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We all know I'm a crazy cat lady

12p and I'm just now posting?! Oh the joys of my weird work schedule now... ANYWAYS.

If you stopped by two weeks ago around this time, then you know that my little Zuko took over the blog. It's totally normal to have your cat take over your blog..... right?!

What we learned from that post and probably this one as well, is that I am ridiculously obsessed with my cat. We've also learned that from my Twitter and Instagram. I'm fully under the belief, though, that spoiled cats are the best cats.

Uh this is my bed.
And here's why. 

Cats have the reputation of being huge, stand off-ish jerks. People think they're weird and I've even been told that cats don't show affection. I've definitely met cats that are this way. I've been around cats that hiss and attack every person that comes through the door. I've even been chased down a hallway by a cat on his back two legs... So yeah, I can see why cats get this reputation.

Zuko is nothing like this, though. He loves to cuddle and have his ears scratched. He's always trying to get as close as possible and purr as loud as possible. He sleeps in the bed with me like a dog on most nights. This morning, he was curled up with his head on my pillow, facing the same way as me, asleep. I meannnn can he get any cuter?

Movie time snuggles 
He loves to have his belly rubbed and he really loves when you play with him whether it's with a string, laser, hair tie, or stuffed toy. He's very vocal like a dog can be and greets me at the door every time I come home. I'm also convince he knows the sound of my car pulling up because I can see him through one of my windows and as soon as I park, he runs to the door.

So how did Zuko get so awesome? He's insanely spoiled. 

I have spoiled him rotten. When I first got him, I would spend my paycheck on his toys, food, treats, etc instead of grocery shopping for myself (that's what happens when you get a kitten when you're a senior in college and supporting yourself.. oops). Petsmart is one of my favorite places because I get so excited about all the awesome things Zuko could have.

Leaving for work every day makes me feel SO bad. If I'm going to be gone after the sun goes down, I leave the lamp on for him. I always make sure all of his toys are out and his food bowl is full. If I'm going somewhere after work, I'll normally insist on coming home to check on his and play for a few minutes.
Sittin' in mom's lap while she blogs. 
This is definitely Zuko's house and I just pay the bills. And that's what makes him such an awesome kitty.

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Helene in Between said...

he seems like a sweet, affectionate cat and that is rare!! what a cutie!
Helene in Between

Stephanie said...

Aww! I know some cats that are mean but my best friends cat is just like Zuko. His name is Royal if that's any indication of how spoiled he really is. He gets tuna and cheese fries and just owns the house and in turn he wants to be on your lap at all times. If you sit, he's on top of you in 2 seconds.

Chelsee W said...

Haha I have spoiled mine too..gosh I do not know who is more spoiled the dogs or the cat lol

Anonymous said...

My cats are super affectionate too! It makes me sad that cats get such a bad reputation... especially since there are plenty of DOGS that are horribly mean. It just depends on the animal. (Although I still think cats rule and dogs drool, lol)

Adriana from Glitter & Sarcasm said...

best name for a kitten! is it after Danny Zuko from grease?! Also I love that you spoil him. If Lil wasn't such a pain in the ass I'd spoil her more too!

Tami said...

I relate to this soo much with my two kitties! They are insanely loving and the only time they ever hiss or do any of that other crazy stuff is when the dog comes too close haha

Unknown said...

Haha! That is totally how spoiled cats are and how they change your life. I feel terrible if I stay at my boyfriend's place without going home to say buy to my cats. My Junior cat knows when I come home, like I can hear him meowing at the door when I get out of the car. Cats are definitely affectionate, it's just how they grew up that affects their personality.