Thursday, July 11, 2013

Things I say

...when I've had the "perfect" amount of alcohol.


Guys. I can't feel my face. 


But seriously, I can't feel my face. 

Guys. You're the best.

Or my teeth. Guys. My teeth. I can't feel them. 

You know, I haven't taken a bath recently. I'M GONNA TAKE A BATH. 

Is there, like, even any alcohol in this?

Let's just take a quick nap, okay?

But seriously, I can't even taste the alcohol. 

I just love you guys. 

Does anyone wanna cuddle?

Uh. Anyone want some shots?

I'm a little concerned I can't feel my face. 

Can we ask for more alcohol in this?

Can you feel your face?


And sometimes I tweet these things. 

Homecoming 2012.
We started at 9am and ended at 4am.

Linking up with Stephanie and Chelsee and also discovered that Stephanie and I were on the same wavelength today. So go get some laughs from her!!



Chelsee W said...

thanks for linking up! Omgsh those pics take me back to college! Looks like you are having some fun! Haha let me know when you decide to post tweets like that again on twitter bc those are too funny!

Stephanie said...

HAHAHAA I looooove these!!! I tweet mine too, I love to see what I tweeted the next morning.

~Anchored In Christ~ said...

I'm a new follower. Got your blog id from another blogger. Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Have a great Friday.

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