Monday, July 8, 2013

Holiday Weekend?

Well, apparently most people had the whole weekend off? I did not. I lucked into the 4th off but then I worked Friday and Saturday. Lame. But, I made the most of it and I made some money, too. And I love money.


Christian had to work from home so I did a lot of blog reading and trashy TV watching. I did manage to fit in a Target run, luckily. We decided to go out to dinner and ended up having Macaroni Grille. I was under the impression this was similar to a Chili's. Boy, was I wrong. We had the most phenomenal pasta dishes, bread and oil and half price bottle of wine :)

My whole day through the eyes of Instagram.
We then attempted fireworks up on the airport overlook where you can see the whole city skyline. Christian says you can see a few different set of fireworks from there so I was pumped. As we drove out there, the sky just kept getting worse. Right when the fireworks began, the rain started and the sky was completely black :(

Left: the Queen City Right: the supa' nasty clouds

8am and I was at work. So not okay with me. It was slow, slow, slow but hey, we got free lunch. After work, I met Christian at my place for dinner and then a movie. Boy were we surprised when my lamp wouldn't turn on. I start getting SO mad because it's a brand new bulb before I realize the whole apartment is out. I then receive an e-mail saying it won't be back on until 9pm... So fast food and a movie it was. We saw Despicable Me 2 and it was awesome. Go see it now. You will be in a theater full of scream-laughing children but it's worth it.

My absolute favorite part of a movie

We had an appointment to tour an apartment complex we're interested in for October. It was a really nice place, but the only apartment they had in our time frame (for now) was $5 under our budget and we're really trying to stay a little farther under it if possible. Plus, that floor plan wasn't worth the price in our opinion! After that, we ate brunch at IHOP before I headed to work 12-9p. Yuck.

Playing with giant bouncy balls at work
I can't even explain how slow it was. I sold TWO things all day and that was great because I only had 3 calls that were even sellable. That may make zero sense to you, but just go with it. 


Lazy. Lazy. Lazy. The only word to describe Sunday. We slept way late. I had every intention of doing a lot of productive things Sunday but I found a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on and that's my second favorite series behind Harry Potter sooooo.... yeah.

I did clean up my room and organize my closet but I brought my TV into my room so I didn't miss any of the movie that I've seen 15 times. I also dyed my hair. I'll probably be posting an Instagram pic of it today or tomorrow once my face looks less scary. Trust me, you're welcome.

And for your viewing pleasure... we suck at taking pictures. And by "we" I mean Christian..

Can't wait to read about all of your 4th of July weekends :) Happy Monday!

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Jennie said...

Popcorn is my fav part of going to the movies also =)

Unknown said...

It's too bad you had to work! I feel your pain. I worked on the 4th, Saturday, and Sunday. So I pretty much didn't really have a weekend to enjoy at all.