Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 things I've learned in Charlotte.

I've been living a new city (one of my most favorite cities) for about 3 weeks and I'm so obsessed with it. But, I've also noticed some differences in people/the way of life here compared to my hometown or even Boone.

1. Speed limits are a light suggestion, not a law you can get a ticket for. There is a spot on the highway where they're doing road work. The speed limit has been reduced to 55 mph with some serious fines. Yet, everyone is still going a solid 70 mph. 

2. People do not care if the lane is ending. There are a couple turns where there are two turning lanes, yet one of them ends almost immediately upon turning. This does not concern Charlotte drivers and they will turn into that lane and continue to drive right until it ends and then cut you off and make you slam on breaks. 

3. There are certain bumper stickers that will alert you to how bad of a driver the person will be. Not kidding at all. Stick families, super over the top political stickers and Charlotte soccer. 

4. A 20 minute drive is really far away for most people. Before I started work, some of my friends were so concerned that I would be driving 20-25 minutes to work every day. At home, we drive 20+ minutes every.single.place. we.go. The drive to work goes by so quickly that I barely even notice it!

5. I cannot keep gas in my car for anything. There are so many stop lights here! Yes, I totally sound like a backwoods hick, but I know my way around Athens and Boone so I can ensure I'm not constantly stopping on every single drive. And plus, Boone is 7 seconds long so I can get anywhere in 5 minutes. 

6. Having a Ben and Jerry's across the street is the best and worst decision I've ever made. But for real...I spent almost every night fighting the urge for an ice cream cone. Last night, I failed. 

7. My GPS likes to take me the long way. This may also have something to do with me not being able to keep gas in my car. 

8. Sometimes, too many options is just as bad as not enough options. Every time Christian and I have decided we want to grab dinner somewhere we can never decide because there are SO many choices on his side as well as my side of town. So we end up just eating at places we've had before even though I want o branch out! 

9. People are lazy. There is a house on my commute to work that has a mattress and box spring out by the street where the trash can would be.... Uh.. 

10. Um. I'm out of things. I'm sure I've learned a ton of things buttttt who knows what those things are.
In other news, I did get my permanent schedule for work yesterday and I still get a "weekend" (I wasn't sure I would) but it will just be Friday and Saturday off! So my new work week for the next month or so is Sunday-Thursday. I'm kind of loving it since Christian has Fri-Sun off, so we'll have plenty of time together.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Meredith @ Barbell Wardrobe said...

i know that whatever drive time mapquest/google maps says you need to add at least 15 min. And growing up it took me 15-20 min to get anywhere but gosh its awful here, its just different.

Unknown said...

#4!!!! So so so true, although I like to call it "thing's ive learned since moving to NC." And I got spoiled, too. Now that I live at home again I'm like 20 minutes to get to the mall? Thanks but no thanks; I'll shop online. Also #2 is my bf's biggest pet peeve with charlotte drivers. It gives him very serious road rage.

Amanda @ Cats, Cuddling, and Carrot Cake

Unknown said...

Haha I live in MA and I drive everywhere and a 20 minute drive is short for me... I drive 1 hour plus to get to school (which I will admit is a bit much) but for my friends that live elsewhere it's like I am driving across the country