Wednesday, June 5, 2013

People are crazy.

I hope you're singing Billy Currington right now. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy. Anywho, they are. Since I've been home the last few weeks, I've been at my parent's business a good bit. They own a car repair shop. Now, I know shops have a bad rap for trying to rip people (especially us girls) off, but, my parents honestly want to help people. I don't know how many times my dad has taken labor off a ticket (he paid his workers with his own money the difference) just to satisfy a customer and keep them coming back to us. He will pay for parts for them, or give coupons, etc. He really wants to help.

As nice as we are to every one, it still amazes me how rude and crazy people are.

Here's some conversations I've overheard:

Woman: "What's that sign say?"
Mom: "$16.90 oil change"
Woman: " I want that."
Mom gets her information and prints off the estimate with a price of about $18
Woman: "Why $18?! You said $16.90!!!" She's literally yelling.
Mom: "Well there's still sales tax..."
Woman: "Nope, not getting it. Bye" And she leaves. 

REALLY? You left because there is SALES TAX?? That's the state's fault, not ours. We also have THE cheapest oil change in town and you won't find it cheaper anywhere else. 

Woman: " I was here a few months ago and y'all put a sticker on my window telling me to come back in June so I'm here" This is an oil change sticker that I'm pretty sure every shop does reminding you for the next.
Mom: "Okay can I get your last name? And what kind of oil change do you want?"
Woman: " I'm just here because you put a sticker on my car"
Mom: "Yes, the oil change reminder. It's time for another oil change"
Woman: "Yeah, I had it done like a month ago. "
Mom checks the computer for her records. 
Mom: "Unless you went somewhere else, it was in January so it's definitely time for an oil change. You got the premium last time would you like that one again or a cheaper option?"
Woman: "I'm just here because my sticker said to come"
Mom: "Yes.... so it's time for an oil change..."

This seriously went on for at least 10 minutes. The woman had no idea what she was doing or what was going on (I wouldn't be surprised if there was a substance at play here...) and my poor mom was being so patient. 

Another interesting experience is when people try to tell my dad how cars work. There was a kid last week who tried to explain something to my dad and he was completely wrong. My dad has been in the car business since before I was born and this kid was younger than me. I literally sat back in the office laughing at him and waiting for my dad to get annoyed. But, he's been doing this long enough that he just listens and then explains every reason of why he was wrong. It's great entertainment. 

Moral of my mini rant here: be nice to your auto repair shops, they're not all trying to swindle you. But some are, so still be wary. Just nice and wary. A good shop will always take you out to your car and show you exactly what's wrong. And explain it to you in lamans terms. 

Happy Wednesday, friends!


Stephanie said...

Reeeally glad I don't have a car, cause I'd be like the sticker lady, all what am I doing here?! What's an oil change?
P.S. "oil change" is why I don't have a car any more. No one told me it's not my fault.

jackie jade said...

haha love this. people are so impossible to deal with sometimes ugh. my dad is really good with cars and has always fixed mine, so luckily I've never had to take it to a shop. love that your dad is so patient though. thanks for stopping by my blog - following you now!
-- jackie @ jade and oak
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Leslie said...

People are SO dumb. I never realized it until I started working in the pharmacy, and you can be so nice and go out of your way doing favors for some.. and they're SO rude in return.
That lady is ridiculous turning down an $18 oil change.
Those nice customers always make up for the rotten ones though ;)
And in the meantime, we learn how NOT to treat people in customer service form them. haha