Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I feel so honored..

Soooo... Chelsee over at Southern Beauty Guide nominated me for this award that Sarah started up last week. I saw it of course when Sarah started it and I love it. I'm also supa excited that Chelsee has noticed my awesome drinking skills. It could possibly be the fact that I link up with her and Stephanie and share drinking stories every Thursday? This one is a doozy. Anyways, on to the questions!

Venus Trapped in Mars

Translated this means Drunk (in French) +  I added the ending 'ster'
(because we are a classy bunch and French is classy)

(And with all due respect to the Leibster creator... 11 is a stupid number)
  • Acknowledge who nominated you
  • Answer the 10 questions listed below 
  • Nominate 10 bloggers you think are excellent drinkers
  • You can't nominate the blog that nominated you (But why would you? They clearly just answered the questions already)
  • Don't make any more questions, everyone just answer these questions below... why are we making so many questions for this Leibster guy?
  • If you are nominated, just answer the questions and nominate 10 more people. That is it.
  • Why are there rules for this? Q&A. That is all. 

What is your favorite drinking game and why?

Circle of Death. Or Asshole. I really love a good card game that I can sit down and just get drunk with my friends. My favorite part of Circle of Death is the "rule" card. I made a rule one time that before every drink you must yell 'TUNECHI" very loudly. Needless to say, it's just turned into a drunken tradition. 

These are the things that happen after those card games..

It is your birthday, what is your idea of the perfect evening?

Well, I already posted about my 21st and that really was the perfect birthday. But this year was pretty great, too. But now that my next birthday is 23 and I'm under the impression you're supposed to be a grown up, my perfect birthday would be day drinking by a pool, a nap, a fancy dinner with more drinks, and then out on the town (preferably somewhere nice uptown) with my boyfriend and all my friends! 

One of my favorites. I love birthdays. And drinking. 

Money is no object, what is your go to drink of choice at a bar?

 Shots. Lots and lots of shots. I had one at my friend's bachelorette party that was called a fruit loop. I would want 15 of those. Okay, maybe not 15 but a solid 5-6.

How many times have you played the game "Edward 40 Hands"?

Surprisingly, never. My boyfriend on the other hand played rugby and that was definitely a thing they did a LOT. 

Take this alcohol screening quiz here, what score did you receive?

I'm a little depressed by my results here. But, then after reading that as long as you answer yes to 3 of them, you're an alcoholic so I'm good with it. And I may have fibbed on the drinking alone thing.. because drinking with my cat totally counts as not being alone. 

What is your favorite memory with Alcohol?

Well, I've mentioned my 21st twice already and that's a great one. Another one would be every single football game ever. Seriously, I freakin' love tailgating. 

What is your favorite song about drinking? Or song to drink to?

Wagon Wheel. Absolutely first on the list. But there are a few others: Shots, Red Solo Cup, We Are Young, Pop Bottles, Black and Yellow (obvi, for football season), Bottoms Up, etc. I have a playlist for drinking that has like 40 songs so I won't list them all. 

What is your favorite activity to do while drinking (i.e. boating, bowling, golf, trivia, etc.)?

Water. Okay, I guess that's not an activity but drinking beside any sort of body of water. 

That river is basically one giant cooler. 

In your opinion, which is the number one party school in the country and why?

Mine. App has some serious party skills. It's entertaining how many excuses we make to drink. Snowing outside? We should probably skip class and drink. Wow, the sun's out? We should probably skip class and drink. Ugh, it's raining. Let's stay in and drink. Whoohoo it's Taco Tuesday, let's drink! 

When do you know you have had too much to drink? What are your signals?

I actually saw this on Chelsee's response and it's totally true for me, too: my teeth go numb. I know I'm drunk when I stop the conversation to tell people I can't feel my teeth, lips, face, etc. I also get a liiiiittle too touchy feely with Christian when I'm drunk. There are some really special pictures from New Years and my 21st to prove this.. Thanks, friends. 

So when it came to nominated people, most everyone I thought of has been nominated and already answered. So mainly, I just picked some of my favorite reads who also love to drink. and honestly, in blogland who doesn't like to drink?

I nominate:

Becky at Running on Happy
Nadine at Back East Blonde
Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter
Beth at Hang on, Honey
Sara at Pearls and Curls
Alexa and Southern Living, Our Way
Cortney at The Little Things... and Vodka
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Erin at Two Thirds Hazel
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Stephanie said...

Girl, you need to play some edward 40 hands!!

Anonymous said...

Well hot damn, I'm honored! Love your drinking stories haha they sound entirely too similar to mine. Must be somethin' in that NC college water! :)

Unknown said...

The main thing is not to drink much. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. I found a good test https://quizterra.com/en/test-for-alcohol-addiction