Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sooo.. it's Thursday.

Thursdays are my party post days with Stephanie and Chelsee buuuuut I'm running around doing last minute packing and seeing my friend Kristin before I move to Charlotte Friday morning, so I didn't really get around to planning out how I wanted to party. Next week, I'll definitely be back to it, thought, because it's one of my favorite link ups!

The time I should have spent doing this was spent doing this:

So, for your viewing pleasure and your daily dose of tears press play on a few of these babies.

Honestly, I did this for over 30 minutes. Just sat and clicked on the videos that came up after the one I was watching. I am so thankful for everything these people do for our country (both the soldiers and the families). Christian was considering the military for a bit and I don't know if I could have done that and gone through these experiences. So thank you to everyone who does!! 

So friends, happy Thursday and I hope you grabbed some tissues!


Leslie said...

all of those gifs are pretty accurate depictions of what I look like watching those! haha! Good luck packing!

Becky said...

I do the exact same thing when I watch them - I just keep clicking through them and crying more! The couple I am staying with right now, he went to Iraq twice and the second time was when they were together. She said it was a hard 8 months. But luckily he came home safe and has been out of it for a few years now!

Katie said...

soldiers are my ultimate weakness as far as crying goes...I don't know if you ever saw that show with Billy Ray Cyrus but even the previews made me tear up! good luck with the move!