Monday, June 3, 2013

Mondays are for recaps!

Seeing as I'm not doing anything important with my life right now, you wouldn't think I'd be so tired on a Sunday night. But I am. And this is why...


I drove to Charlotte Wednesday afternoon and went to see an apartment that I could hopefully start subleasing this week. Christian went with me to make sure everything was safe and it was in a good location. It was and I signed the lease on Thursday morning! Whoohooo! I also got to eat lunch with my boo thang (that is probably the first time I've said that and will be the last...). I bepopped around Charlotte trying to figure out where things were (I wasn't successful) and headed to Southpark mall. If you ever want to feel poor, go to Southpark and walk around. Specifically by the Tiffany's. Swoon. 

Christian and I then had dinner and drinks with Sam and Jeremy (where I was staying) at Duckworth's. All beer on tap was $3. All of it. Christian got a beer that's normally like $8. He was definitely a happy camper. Then there was some Baskin Robbins and early bedtimes.

Left: What I drove all week Right: Sam and Jeremy's puppy, Harper

Friday was my favorite day. Christian came to get me and we headed to Carowinds! As I said Friday, I'm a 5 year old and I freak out at the top of every roller coaster and scream my head off. I love it. His ears didn't. OH WELL. We also saw the worst tattoos I've ever seen in my life. I wanted to cry they were so bad. I was also surprised by the amount of girls that try to be super cute and wear their hair down. Um. You're going on a roller coaster. Those babies go fast and your hair WILL get in your face and it WILL get all tangly and dumb looking. Just wear a cute bun or something. Like my sock bun. Which totally didn't stay in and I fixed after every ride.. Oh well. 

Someone really loves Les Mis. We were always behind her in line, too. 
Then, we drove up to Boone to pack up the majority of my stuff and drop it off in Charlotte at my apartment! After getting a delicious Hot n Ready, I cleaned and packed while Christian napped. He's so helpful ;) I finally gave up and we watched Finding Nemo until I passed out at like 11p. On a Friday.
Crazy kids.

It's ridiculous how much I love this place. 

Of course we slept in. I finished packing and Christian carried the boxes down 3 flights of stairs like a champ. We drove back to Charlotte and unpacked in less than half the time it took to pack the car thanks to the location of my place. I'm on the bottom floor and my fenced in patio backs up to the parking lot and all we had to do was walk in the sliding glass doors and set stuff down.

This is the state I left it in. I promise you'll be getting updates on it! 
After stopping by Christian's house, we headed over to a cook out with Sam, her friend and their boyfriends. The 6 of us and their two dogs had a blast grilling out and drinking. It was the perfect summer night!

Clockwise: Harper, my favorite beer, sleepy Hemi and we ended the night with champagne? Normal.

I got up early and drove down to the lake. It's been gorgeous all week and today it looked like this:

Like reallyyyy? There was a tornado warning so we stayed in and watched a movie before a break in the storm happened and we made it home.

View from the dock. Great day on the lake. 

Whew. I feel like my weekends are lasting forever because they're really just all the time right now. Luckily, this week has a lot going on, including moving to Charlotte on Friday!! Finally!!

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Welcome to Charlotte... that is where I live :) I worked in Southpark Mall at Clinique. You will love it here!!! Saw you on the blog hop, come say hi sometime! ;)