Monday, May 20, 2013

Is it really a weekend if it's summer?

I've been on"summer vacation" since I finished up class on May 8th. The days between that and graduation were a little busier but since graduation, I've been really enjoying these two weeks of a real summer vacation (my first since I was 16!!). 

Today, my weekend recap is more like a "what I've been up to the past week" update. 

Tuesday. My friend from high school turned 21 finally on Tuesday! I headed downtown with her for dinner and drinks and it was awesome to meet her new boyfriend and some college friends while also reminiscing about high school. 

Wednesday. This little monster turned 1! I can't believe he's a full grown cat now and not my baby kitten. I will definitely be calling him my "baby kitty" until the day he is no longer with us (a solid 25 years from now...). I also spent the day with my best friend shopping and laying out at the pool. Then, I saw The Great Gatsby with my mom. It was phenomenal and everyone should go see it now!

Thursday. I went shopping again with my best friend and picked up a gorgeoussss mint dress that I cannot wait to wear. I'm obsessed with mint. I then headed to lunch with my other best friend and then chilled with my family that night. 

Chacos and neon mean summer!

Friday. Friday I was lazy. It. was. awesome. I laid on the couch reading blogs, hanging out with the pup and Zuko and watching TV. 

Once I finally dragged my butt off the couch, I headed to Terrapin Brewery for some drinks with old friends. 

High school on the left. Grown ups on the right.
Saturday. Again, I was very lazy. And again, I loved it. I finally drug myself off the couch to go to my parents auto repair shop to eat Steak and Shake and annoy them. I'm pretty good at that. 

As we can see here. Stole mom's desk.
After that I headed to Barnes and Noble to grab a couple books. I absolutely adore reading and I haven't read a book for fun in a very long time. I really don't even know the last time. I can also spend hours and hours in a bookstore and not even buy anything and still be supremely happy. I picked up an easy summer novel I'd never heard of that was $4 and a new book by Gillian Flynn!

I spent Saturday night (and some of Sunday night) reorganizing my Pinterest board. Yes, I'm that OCD. I was getting lost every time I went back to find a pin and it was oddly frustrating. So I split up my clothing boards and added a few other new ones. If you need some time wasted, you should definitely follow me because I'm a little obsessed. 

Um. Yeah. 
Sunday. Sunday is race day in this household. I was told we were leaving at 7am. On a Sunday. 7 am on a Sunday. No. I was not happy. Then, the entire ride there it looks like this:

It was nasty. Right around start time, though the rain stopped but the damage was done and the woods were gross and every single guy was covered in mud. My brother said he still had mud in his eye at 8pm Sunday night. I do not like mud. Nope. 

View for the day.


How was your weekend?

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Chelsee W said...

Hey! This post has seriously been pinspiration for me to organize my pinterest boards. I am not linking the new layout at all on there, especially the whole embedding pins part. I am now following your boards on pinterest. Looks like you had a great weekend!