Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mushy gushy love stuff

I talk about Christian a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I mention him in almost every blog post and I talk about him pretty frequently in real life, too. But, when you love someone that much and you are forced to be long distance for awhile, that'll happen. But, no worries, we'll be back in the same city in less than a week!! EEK!! I am so excited.. in case you can't tell.

In honor of this long distance ending and the fact that one of our monthly anniversaries is coming up in about 2 weeks I thought I would list out a couple reasons why is the best guy in the entire world. and I promise we don't actually celebrate anniversaries every month. It's lucky if we celebrate on the year marks. 

His sense of humor. Sometimes I can't believe he really comes up with some of his one-liners so quickly. He can always make me laugh no matter what kind of mood I'm in.

He's supportive. He wants me to make all my own decisions and wants me to be happy with every one. He was originally trying to move back to Ohio and when I said I was willing to move, too, he told me I couldn't do it just because he did. I had to fall in love with a job and do it for me. Every time I ask his opinion/advice he tries to hold off until I've made my decision. He will definitely tell me when I'm being too rash and not realistic, but he really wants me to make me happy first.

He's so helpful. He helps all of my friends. And he would do anything to help me. While I was having money struggles the last month of college, he would always ask to buy me some groceries or take me out for every meal while we were together. Before my parents got to Boone, he scrubbed every inch of my kitchen: under all the appliances, the trash cans, the burners on the stove, etc. He once changed my oil, washed and waxed my car without me asking. He definitely shows his love through actions.

He tries. This sounds weird, I know. But, when we first started dating (eventually I'll get around to finishing that story) he was very timid going into the relationship. He had finally calmed down and we were settled and happy when the long distance started. I was scared we may not make it because of his timidness. But, instead he put so much effort into us staying together. The way he started talking about feelings instead of just showing them really showed how much he cared.

He's smart. Seriously, he is so smart. He works in the IT department for the hospital system in Charlotte. He fixes programs when they break and he's also a project manager that designs and implements new programs for all the hospitals. He knows pretty much everything about computers (and I'm trying to convince him to design my blog and/or teach me HTML). He's constantly reading the news and keeps me up to date on everything important. He can fix any car. Anything I don't understand how to do, I go straight to him and he usually knows the answer.

He's logical. He's saving up for a car right now and it's driving me crazy. I just want him to move out and in with me already but he has a set plan for saving and won't budge. As frustrating as it is for me, it's much better for us that he has his finances in order because mine are a hot mess right now. He thinks through every big decision and then usually follows his gut after all the information is gathered and he's usually right.

He loves me no matter what. Seriously, I can be a giant handful. I drive him crazy and I know that. We've probably gotten in one maybe two real fights. He told me he's never been angry with me, just frustrated. He always tells me before I get too obnoxious. I'm also really high maintenance. I always need real clothes and usually a full face of make up on before we go out and he gives me plenty of time to get ready before we have to be somewhere. He doesn't try to change me. And honestly, I don't want to change anything about him (we already "fixed" the whole sharing our emotions thing..haha).

What are your favorite things about your boyfriend/best friend/favorite person etc.?

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Anonymous said...

It's always nice when somebody tries...especially because they think you are worth trying for. :)