Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm obsessed...

With mint.

Mint has been a trend for a couple seasons now and I was hooked when I saw the first piece. At first, I was wary to jump all the way on board with this one in the fear that it would end quickly. It hasn't and my love has grown even more. So even if the trend ends, it may just have replaced pink as my "color".

Here are some ways I wear (or want to wear...) the pieces I have!

Welcome to Polyvore!
dress /sandals / handbag /necklace / polish

This dress is prefect for a casual summer night out in Athens (which is exactly how I'm wearing it tonight!).


This is a perfect work outfit for me. My job has no dress code so I can wear whatever but I am not one to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work no matter if it's allowed or not. So I'm looking to take pieces I have and make them a little more "grown up" and work appropriate. 

And of course, to get this weekend started (even if I've been on vacation since last week), I must Back That Azz Up with Whitney!

In honor of the fact that I saw and fell in love with The Great Gatsby Wednesday, here ya go!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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lil desiqua said...

I LOVE mint lately- and these lovely outfits!
I haven't seen The Great Gatsby yet, but hopefully will get a chance to this weekend- this song is awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Stopping by from Whitney's link up!