Thursday, May 16, 2013


As I said, I'm going to be a little MIA the next couple of weeks while I enjoy two weeks of real summer and relocate to Charlotte and start my first "big girl" job. Yesterday was spent with my very best friend shopping and doing this:

But, I have to show up today (yes, I know it's past 5 pm, but it counts) for my favorite link-up with Stephanie and Chelsee! 

I've thrown quite a few surprise parties (and sadly, no one has thrown one for me even though I would love that so much) for my friends. My favorite was a reverse surprise party in high school. 

My friend Kristin and I threw the party for our friend Johanna. She said she just wanted to do something simple and go out to dinner with us. So we took her to eat at one of her favorite restaurants and headed back to Kristin's house to hang out and watch movies. Little did she know, once we got there our friends started to show up. 

Someone spilled Coke on the cake. 
We are obviously great cake decorators. 

We had one friend, Nathan, who was so loud all the time and almost ruined the whole surprise. We were in the basement while Kristin's parents were letting in all of our friends. One was supposed to tell us when everyone was there and a few were running late. Nathan was SO loud. I could hear him from the basement and I was sure Johanna could too, so Kristin kept awkwardly turning up the volume until Gilmore Girls was screaming at us. 

Finally, everyone arrived and we convinced Johanna that we desperately needed peanut M&Ms from the kitchen and that she really had to come with us upstairs to get them. As we opened the door to the upstairs, everyone yelled surprise... obviously. 

Kristin (middle) helped me plan and Kacy helped orchestrate upstairs!
She was SO surprised. I honestly didn't believe that she hadn't figured it out but she swears she had no idea. We went on to have a blast that night and she said it was the best birthday she had thus far. 

This is how we have fun at 16. 

Soooo, if anyone wants to throw me a surprise party I'm all for it. 


Chelsee W said...

This looks like so much fun! My 21st day was a surprise party that was amazing. If I were closer I'd def. Throw u a party lol Thanks for linking up with us today:) Good luck with your grownup job!

Stephanie said...

Awww! That's so nice of you! Hopefully one of them will throw you a surprise party one of these days.

Anonymous said...

It was so sweet of y'all to do that for her. :)