Wednesday, April 3, 2013

J. Crew Wishlist

Okay, so I'm a bad Southerner. Or bad blogger. Or bad female. One or all of these apply to me because I don't own a single article of clothing from J. Crew.

Let that soak in. 

I've just never been drawn to their clothes. And I've especially not been drawn those price tags! I am a poor poor college student. But, we have a J. Crew Factory about 15 minutes from here in Blowing Rock. Last week, my roommate and I went in there for an even for HerCampus App State and I wanted to buy everything. Naturally, I refused to even touch anything because I didn't want to be tempted. So here are a few things I MUST have once I start getting a steady paycheck again :)






In our store, we had even more than they do on the website, I swear. But these pieces stood out to me and I may just ended up spending my food budget on clothes if I end up at the outlets again anytime soon.

Anything you're lusting after right now?


Anonymous said...

I like the top! :) The first dress is nice too! :D Also wanted to let you know that I like and follow your blog, which is why I chose to nominate it for the "Liebster Award." It's a nice way for bloggers to interact and recognize one another. I hope you'll check it out here:! Have a great weekend! :)

Leslie said...

I love J. Crew so much.. but the price tags are SO high for my broke college kid self. The factory prices aren't bad though! especially since they have sales so frequently.. but even so, I tend to spend my grocery money on the clothes because I get carried away! If only money grew on trees... ;)