Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Fair warning, I almost had a meltdown over the Job Hunt and this is what happened... 

As I write this,  I'm sitting in the coffee shop I worked in my Junior and Senior year in high school and trying not to have a meltdown.

Seriously, though. YUM.
This job hunt may get the best of me. I was expecting to hear back from the job interview I had two Fridays ago by last Friday and I still haven't. They said it could be up to a week and a half, though, so I'm trying not to freak out until Wednesday night rolls around. So as I'm trying not to think about that and work on the ton of schoolwork I have due on Wednesday, my phone rings and the job interviews I have this Friday (4/5) gets moved. To April 23 and 26. REALLY. That's 14 days before graduation. FOURTEEN. I was hoping I was going to have options, but now it's between the job I already took and the job I interviewed with last week. If I even get that one. Which I don't know if I have or will.

I'm sitting here in the place where I grew up so much in high school thinking of how I used to sit behind that counter freaking out about boys, clothes and meaningless homework assignments and wishing I could be 16 again. In general, I really didn't like high school all that much. But, this place. This place I loved. Rarely did I not want to come in for work. I was friends with everyone here - bosses, co-workers and customers. I loved it so much, I even asked my boss and my parents if I could work the morning shift and skip my first two classes some. They said no, obviously.

Every time I come in here, something has changed. And every time I see that, it becomes less of "my coffee shop". I don't recognize anyone behind the counter anymore. They don't know me either, obviously. Most of the customers have changed too. My manager no longer works here and I rarely see the owner here. I always thought this would be a place that felt like home, but it doesn't. With everything in my life changing so drastically now, I really wanted a familiar face or two here and I'm sad I didn't find it.

I probably wasn't in the best place to get the phone call today reminding me how uncertain the future is right now since I was already feeling nostalgic for simpler times. I'm sorry this was a little dramatic but everyone has those days, right? Right? Bueller...? :)

Anyone else job hunting and almost having public breakdowns? Any advice to calm down? 

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