Friday, March 22, 2013

Well, hello.

Originally, I wanted to do a whole long post about how Christian and I got where we are today. But then I decided that breaking it up over a few posts/weeks would be more fun. And I've been missing him a lot and I'm so excited to see him this weekend that I want to reminisce! So this is how we met...

Senior year of high school

My best friend was away at school in the little town of Boone, NC at Appalachian State. Familiar? Anyways, towards the end of the semester her roommate starts dating a new guy and they are always hanging out with him and his roommate so I hear a lot about all the fun they have. I tell her how adorable it would be if she started dating the roommate and they could all double date.

Freshman year

April 2010 I decided it's high time to visit Kristin in Boone on my way to Charlotte for Easter. I was considering transferring from Young Harris and decided I would use this as a campus visit before applying to App.

By this point, I had heard TONS about "the roommate" and I thought he was one of the most attractive guys I had ever seen. I was constantly telling Kristin to date him. I was always met with an "EW GROSS ITS CHRISTIAN". Yes, obviously "the roommate" is Christian. I know I'm not good at the mysterious thing. So she was set that it was gross and it would never happen.

So we get ready and head out to pick up the boys at their dorm room and head to the bar.

I liked to stalk Kristin while she dresses.

The second I saw him, I became so shy (well, more shy than normal). He was so attractive that I really just didn't know what to say to him. And apparently, he didn't want to talk to me either because he just kind of stared at me. Once we got to the bar, I talked to a couple different guys and one in particular latched onto me. We'll call him M. M sat right across from me and flirted all night while Christian was sitting next to him. I occasionally tried talking to Christian with not much luck. 

When we head to a player's apartment to hang out more, M and I have definitely hit it off (I really think this was a liquid courage situation, because the next day I wanted to hit myself), but I still kept moseying over to Christian. I finally asked him why he wouldn't be my friend. His response: "Move here and maybe we can be friends". So there's that. 

I was then bothered for the next 6 months by M - hence why I wanted to hit myself the next morning. He texted me all day, everyday without responses from me on most days. He finally stopped texting me once he realized I was off the market. 

All in all, I LOVED Boone and had one of the best weekends with Kristin. So I immediately drove to Charlotte and started my application process for App. I visited another weekend when Christian wasn't there and loved this place even more and knew this was where I was supposed to be! 

By the end of May, I had been accepted to App and was fighting with my parents over if I could really go or not. In the beginning of June, I accepted and put down a deposit and started the apartment search! I knew that Kristin was going to help me survive here since I knew no one and I knew I would be seeing a lot more of Christian. 

So even though I thought he was gorgeous and would have LOVED to hang out with him, I was still constantly trying to push Kristin to date him. And I always got the "ew" response. 

After moving here, I talked to him once when he drunkenly stole the phone from Kristin who had called me from a party. Then, the first football game rolled around and we, of course, went with the rugby team to tailgate and all those shenanigans. This was the first time we got to hang out and it was an absolute blast. 

I'm going to leave it here for now and pick up sometime next week :) 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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