Thursday, March 21, 2013


Last night, I worked my last official shift at the Barrel. I really can't even explain how happy I am right now. You wouldn't think that a simple part time, retail job would be so stressful but it seriously was. I think it had a lot to do with how good I was at it. Okay, let me explain because I in no way want to sound full of myself.

I am afraid to fail. I am afraid to let my boss down. To let my co-workers down. To do half ass a job. As a result, I work my ass off. I have gotten along with every single boss I've had and every one has begged me not to quit. Not because I'm just the best person in the world but because I try too hard (seriously, I try way too hard).

At Cracker Barrel, myself and another girl spent almost every shift re-doing what everyone else half did or lied about doing on top of our own assignments. I was always called in early, on my days off or asked to stay late. And in a year, I probably said no twice. I didn't spend Valentine's with Christian because my boss wanted to go on vacation that weekend. When I needed to go to Charlotte for things, I always had to leave late Fridays and come back Sunday mornings so I could work at night even if I asked off for the whole weekend. One minute I was being told how awesome and helpful I was and the next being yelled at for not doing enough. My boss and I get along fine but with all these things piling up and only having 8 weeks left in Boone, the time came to say bye.

I was so thankful for this job and without it I would have had to drop out of school. I also learned so much and this job has helped me SO much in the job hunting/interviewing process. Everyone has been intrigued by the responsibilities I took on and how much I learned when dealing with people/co-workers.

Basically, I'm happy for the experiences and the things I learned but I am ohsohappy that I have 8 weeks to enjoy being in college and drinking on any day of the week I choose (sorry I am not sorry). I also have a ton of fun plans coming up so let's get a move on! :)

Do you have any big changes going on in your life right now?


Anonymous said...

I am currently working a part-time retail job (not my first one) despite having an Associate's degree, so I definitely know how frustrating they are! It's great that you put a lot of extra effort into the job. It will lead to you have good references when potential future employers call your past employers about you.

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