Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend (non)Shenanigans.

Totally not a word,  I know. And it barely makes sense. But, my weekend was ridiculously uneventful. But that doesn't mean I won't link up with Sami so I can have something to write about on this snowy Monday. Yes, you're eyes are fully functioning. I said SNOW. AGAIN. IT IS SNOWING AGAIN. Nope, I'm not bitter at all...

So Friday, I had a job interview in Charlotte. So I woke up nice and early and drove my little butt down to Charlotte, yet again. The interview lasted from 12-4p so it was a long, long process. I wasn't terribly excited about the position, but now I'm really considering it because of how well it went. The second interviewer just loved me and really put me at ease. So of course, after leaving a great job interview with lots of potential, little Leslie gets herself all worked up and stressed out about the future and whatnot. So she then drives to Christian's house and proceeds to be mean to him for 15 minutes before leaving and putting herself in time out (also known as a Chikfila reading Catching Fire) until she could stop freaking out and be nicer.

Saturday, we slept in and some sweet boy made me some delicious pancakes for breakfast. After a late breakfast, we headed out to watch the Charlotte rugby team play. I basically spent the entire time complaining that it was cold and I wanted a snack. So we yet again got Chikfila for lunch (I might be obsessed). We chilled most of the day before grabbing dinner and then going to see Olympus has Fallen.

We need to live together just so I can be spoiled like this.
So that movie. Wow. Um. It really was a pretty interesting movie. But there was SO much violence, as I should have known, that made it sometimes difficult to enjoy. And then I freaked myself out about what would happen if terrorists really took over our White House and tried to blow us all up. Christian thinks I'm insane and I can't blame him.

Sunday we slept in again. Boy, do I love not having to work weekends anymore! Then we grabbed On the Border for lunch. If you've never had the Baja combination, then you need to go right now. It's a fried whole avocado stuffed with cheese and shredded chicken covered in sour cream sauce and a chicken enchilada. Heaven.

Then I drove back to Boone and about 30 minutes from Boone the fog was so bad that I had to drive a solid 12 MPH and could barely see 3 feet in front of me. Fun times. It was straight to the library for multiple group meetings and studying for tests. While there, the snow started falling. In the first hour we had a few inches and I'm really hoping for a snow day. I've got senioritis and two tests to study for. I just don't have time for class tomorrow. Or ever, really.

Told you I was boring this weekend....

How was your weekend?

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