Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was.. interesting. Friday started out with a phone interview with a company I've met on Wednesday. I spent quite awhile prepping for this interview since the recruiter had been at a panel discussion and I had some insights to the questions she would be asking. The call comes Friday morning and she tells me they liked me so she just wants to answer any questions I may have and set up the second round on-site interview. Exciting, but I could've slept longer. And let's be honest, right now that's really all I care about. Luckily, I napped for a bit and then spent my day cleaning and doing homework until Christian got here around 9p. We were lazy and we watched lame movies and it was great.

Interview prep
Saturday, we tried to sleep in but he had calls from work he had to deal with and then Zuko wanted to play. I had to work at 12p and we walked into the Barrel at 11:15a to eat breakfast. Whoops? I changed in the car in the parking lot in 6 minutes which was a serious feat since we were parked in the middle of the lot... whoops again? Worked an awful shift and then my co-worker and I decided to go ahead and type up our two week notice and leave it for our boss since he was off this weekend. So tomorrow morning, he will come in and get it. Needless to say I'm a little nervous to look at my phone at all tomorrow. 

Saturday night, I made my one pan burritos that Christian loves so much and we watched movies (yes, again). The plan was to go out but there were good movies on TV and I was so tired, per usual. When we don't get to see each other very often, I like to have those weekends that are just us hanging out and being lazy with each other. Unfortunately, we stayed up later than I planned which made waking up at 6:15 am almost unbearable. 

Sunday morning rolled around and I've got to get dressed to go to a job I hate and before that I have to stand outside in the 10 degree weather with snow and wind blowing to scrape off my windshield. The only nice thing about Cracker Barrel is coming in and standing in front of the fire for a minute or ten. After work, I grabbed lunch with Christian before he headed back down the mountain. Saying bye is by far the worst part of this whole long distance thing. It's just unfair and awful and I hate it (yes, I sound like I'm 12 and bratty). I'm so ready for May which I know I mention almost every day. 

Sunday night, like usual, was dedicated to the insane amount of homework that I put off all last week and this weekend. Sunday nights just really suck. But, 4 days off class until I get to go home and have a week of no classes. Bring it on, midterm week!

Seriously? Look at this. Bring it on. 

How was your weekend?


Katie said...

can we talk about how organized you are with your little online calendar?? I am so jealous - I've got an old-fashioned Lilly planner!
good luck on all your midterms!

Leslie said...

The sad part is, I have a written calendar too! I mostly use that for due dates and my calendar for actual things I have to do! It's become a life saver since last semester! Thank you :)