Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy March!

I honestly cannot believe it's March. This semester is flyyyyyying by! Yes, it may have to do with all the countdowns I have going on right now: spring break, bachelorette weekend, last day of work, my 22nd birthday, graduation and mind and Christian's vacation; but I can't help it! There are just way too many things coming up to be excited for!

Since there's so much, I wanted to break down what is going on in March and some goals I've set for the month!

Coming up! 

1. Spring Break. It starts next Friday with me and Christian driving down to GA to see my family and spend time with this girl and her boyfriend.

2. Bachelorette Weekend. St. Patty's Day weekend, we're headed to Wilmington, NC for some serious shenanigans and I cannot wait. I never get to let loose and enjoy being a 21 year old college senior, so I fully plan on having a drink in my hand the entire weekend. 

3. Quitting my job. I almost did it last night, but in order for my budget to work out I have to stay until March 28 so I'm giving my two weeks after Spring Break! I'm so excited for a little break before real life starts in May. 

4. Easter Weekend. Since I'll be quitting my job, I will get to go home Thursday night through Tuesday night for Easter. That's the longest I've been home at one time in over a year!! 

5. Watching my little brother race. I haven't seen a race in quite awhile and rumor has it, he's getting pretty kick ass so Christian and I will be attending a race next weekend! 


1. Actually quit my job. I'm notorious for selling my soul when I work somewhere. I always want to prove myself and I never want to let anyone down. So quitting early, though definitely warranted and needed for my sanity, is going to be a challenge. 

2. Keep my current grades. My goal this semester is a 4.0. I was .01 away from making Dean's List with 18 hours, 30 hours of work and 6 group projects so I should definitely be able to get a 4.0 with only 13 hours this semester. Although, there's one class that just might kill it for me. 

3. Set the final plans for our vacation in May and book the room!

4. Do at least 5 things on my Boone Bucket List. 

5. Go to the gym. This is pretty vague, I know. My goal would be twice a week since honestly that's all I can fit in because of my schedule and the gym's schedule. If I can just start out slowly, it will get easier and I can get myself to go more. 

6. Plan out my budget and stick to it. This is a biggie if I want to quit my job. If I'm not able to do it this month, then I won't let myself quit. 

Do you have any fun plans for this month? Any goals?

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Susannah said...

Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous spring! :-)