Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Memory Lane

Let's take a trip down memory lane and poor little high school Leslie. Mostly, I just want to make fun of the ridiculous pictures I thought were cute. Please, laughing is encouraged. 

Freshman and Sophomore year.

I was a cheerleader. Oh yes. My entire life was consumed by cheerleading practices, games and competitions  All my free time was spent with cheerleaders. Apparently, I came of as a little b*tchy but really I was just super shy. Even as a cheerleader. So here's a little bit of that.

Last competition ever.

Headed to a cheerleading function so of course we posed on diving board.

15 year old Leslie going put put.

15 year old Leslie in an astronaut helmet.

Cheer banquet

Junior Year
 I worked at a coffee shop at my house and had phenomenal friends. So I spent a TON of time working and a TON of time goofing off.

Squashing milk cartons

Painting for football

I was basically in love with Mr. Flash up there.

New Years Eve 2008. Help.
More NYE 2008

Prom in DT Athens, GA

I just wanted to show the back of my dress. LOVED it.

Date :)

17th Birthday! Cute pose, I know.
Senior Year

I started to get it together. Sorta. I still worked a TON. But I fit in some fun and tried not to be as awkward. But, I'm not sure if I succeeded.

Ok, I'm still weird. 

Definitely, still weird. 
Trip to LA for a DECA competition

Prom time again. 

Show choir boys. 

Yep. I'm just weird. 

It never gets better... (I'm in green)

Show choir!
Headed off to college with my best friend. 

So there ya have it. I was weird. Honestly, I'm still pretty weird. I hope you were able to laugh as much as I did at the ridiculous faces I made. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Leslie said...

My high school pictures are VERY similar. What was I thinking... haha! But it was cool then!
People always thought I was stuck up and b*tchy in HS too, one of the perks of being shy/quiet...

Andy Gregory said...

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