Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some changes!

First things first, I have a new name! With a side of chocolate. This just describes me perfectly. It came to me last night while I was eating popcorn and snowcaps ( yes, in the same bowl) and realized I pretty much eat some form of chocolate everyday. I don't think I could survive without chocolate. I considered titling it "Life with a side of chocolate" Or "Love with a side of chocolate". But, I decided simple was better, so here ya go! The URL also changed with it since I decided I wanted to take my name out of my URL.

I also did a little redesigning around here. I'm obviously not that savvy on blog designs, hence the pretty standard Blogger updates. I'm sure one day I will get someone to make me a gorgeous blog design that I'm obsessed with, but for now this cute little thing will do!

I'm still deciding what I'm wanting to get out of blogging. So far, I love sharing my thoughts and I really enjoy getting to write more. But I know many bloggers make money off their blogs, and that seems great (I'm always up for some extra cash lying around) but I'm not sure if I'm wanting to dedicate all that time to blogging. As I've mentioned, I'm definitely stretched thin right now. For now, blogging is just about sharing part of myself and maybe sharing some tips on life from my experiences and a few cute outfits for me.

And as a thanks for reading that pointless post, here's a gorgeous and completely unrelated picture of where I live taken by my talented roommate!

Price Lake

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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