Monday, February 25, 2013

I wish I was famous.

I mean, come on. You know you wish you were too! They get to wear the most phenomenal things in the world that we only dream of during award shows. Here's a few of my favorites from the Oscars Sunday night:

Naomi Watts
Um. Gorgeous. I LOVE that neckline.
Reese Witherspoon
I adore her and that color is just fabulous on her. 
Charlize Theron
I found this dress breathtaking. It amazes me how gorgeous someone can be with no hair. 

Kelly Osbourne
She's usually not my fave and I don't like the hair, but I adore this dress.

Amanda Seyfried 
This is by FAR my favorite. She is flawless, the dress is flawless, the hair is flawless, the make up is flawless. You get it, she's my girl crush for sure. 

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Lawrence

I adore Jennifer. I'm obsessed with everything she does. This color was great, but I think the skirt was a liiiiiiittle too much. And I think she probably wishes she'd gone a bit smaller after that fall up the stairs. 

Jessica Chastain
Gorgeous color. 

Jennifer Hudson
I love the dress shape and color buuuut I kind of dislike the circle thing. Somewhat reminds me of a fish. But she is awesome and her body is rockin'.

What were you thinking?

Nicole Kidman


Kristen Stewart
Why was she even at the Oscars?! And does her hair do anything else?? 

Melissa McCarthy
Okay, so I love this woman to pieces and I have ever since  Gilmore Girls. But this just makes her look bigger than she really is. Last years look was much better!

Anne Hathaway
She is one of my favorite actresses in the world and it pains me to put this here. But this was TERRIBLE. JUST TERRIBLE. The color doesn't work on her skin tone. It doesn't flatter her body at all. And let's talk about those seams... NO. That is just not flattering to anyone. At any function.

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