Friday, February 22, 2013


Friday. Aren't Fridays supposed to be that "whew" feeling at the end of the week? Like you're done with school/work for 2 days and you just get to enjoy your days with friends, family, boyfriends, husbands, etc. I haven't felt that in over a year. I haven't had a single weekend to just relax and only relax. I work Wednesday-Sunday at the Barrel. I tutor Monday-Wednesday and I go to class Monday-Thursday. There is just no break.

Plus, I'm a senior so my classes are HARD. They require tons of reading, studying, researching, project-ing, etc. I'm just feeling so overwhelmed and overworked. I though senior year was supposed to be fun (once you found a job) and you got to go out a lot and be with your friends. Apparently that's not the case. Every day when I look at my schedule and I just want to cry.

Like, really?? Why is this happening?? I tried to be less busy this semester and that just didn't happen obviously. 

Also, I accepted that job that I didn't really want yesterday. I need to know that I have something lined up when I graduate. That was definitely a huge relief but also added another kind of stress. I've got my JobFest and Career Fairs next week with some interviews/meet and greets lined up so let's all keep our fingers crossed that something works out!

So basically, this random ramble about stress is to just whine a bit and see maybe how you guys deal with being this busy/stressed/overwhelmed? Are there some tips you have to de-stress quickly?

Help a girl out! Oh, and Happy Weekend! :)


Katie said...

I'm the same way with my schedule!! It majorly depresses me to look at it and see the amount of time I spend in a lab every week...and I'm only a sophomore.
But we'll get through it!
Maybe a nice bowl of ice cream or a good work-out to destress?

Leslie said...

Just being in one lab would make me want to cry! Science frightens me. But definitely some ice cream. And now that it's the season for it, girl scout cookies!

Andy Gregory said...

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