Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hump Day Happies!

Some weeks, these posts are kind of tough to do. I've got so much going on this week and most of it isn't fun: tests, tough decisions, work "drama" for some unknown reason thanks to a new girl, and just the general stress of being as busy as I am nowadays.

My list is pretty scarce this week, but here we go:
  • Christian. Christian is always the highlight of my week. Long distance sucks but the highlight of every day is about 9:50p when my phone lights up because he's calling. Some nights we may get annoyed with each other and some nights we just laugh for 30 minutes. But either way, my day ends hearing "I love you" from my sweet guy is the best. 
  • Even though I may be worried about the job and the idea of working 60+ hours a week makes me want to cry, I'm so lucky to have a job lined up and I don't have to spend any time stressing after graduation. 
  • My kitty is so cute. 
  • 16 days until Spring Break.
  • 23 days til the Bachelorette Weekend in Wilmington, NC with these ladies. 

  • 72 days until my last day of work (I hope!)
  • 73 days until my 22nd birthday! 
  • And finally, 81 days until GRADUATION!
I currently have a slight obsession with countdowns... Whoops. 

How's your week going so far?

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