Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Adventures

This semester, I've taken on a new adventure, per se. I'm tutoring. My friend's husband is the tutor lab manager on campus and around Christmastime at the Barrel, her and I were discussing quitting. She suggested we both start tutoring instead and told me all about it. Her husband then found out that I got an A in Accounting II and asked if I would be willing to tutor that since they are always short Accounting tutors since it's such a hard class and required for every business major.

At first, I said no due to the whole 20 hour semester thing but when I dropped 7 hours, I decided to do it. I was told I probably wouldn't have too many tutees and it was be good to make a little extra money. Well. That's not the case as it turns out.

I am now tutoring Accounting II as well as Production and Operations Management and Organizational Behavior. I may also end up tutoring some Marketing courses (since it's my major and all) if they get a request for the class. Each session can also hold up to 3 people so ideally, I could be tutoring 24 people this semester but fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

Today, I had my first two sessions and they went okay. Accounting was a little bit harder than I remembered but I promised them I would read the chapters and be better prepared for our sessions next week so I can actually help them for their test! This week, it's been a little overwhelming but I'm proud of myself for trying something new and I kind of wish I had started this sooner. It also doesn't hurt that I'm making some extra money so I can save more for the Big Move.

The point of this ramble was to point out that it's a good idea to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and to get involved. I told my two tutees that today too because getting involved makes college a much more enjoyable experience and you find and build those friendships that will last a lifetime!

Anyone else trying something new this semester?

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