Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ohhhh Valentine's Day

Apparently, it's Valentine's Day. WHO KNEW? Just kidding, but for real every holiday we all start posting about it on every social media site we have just in case someone forgets, I assume? I'm definitely guilty today, too.

Sadly, I don't get to spend today with my guy. Although I did wake up with sweet text message from him. I have spent the day in class and doing homework. Now, it's more homework and napping for awhile because I get to work 9p - 5a. Aren't I a lucky gal today?!

Since my day was set to be awful, I wanted to make myself feel better by wearing a cute and slightly festive outfit. So I dug out my favorite fall trend: oxblood jeans. Almost red but not shouting out "IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY". I bought a new chambray shirt this weekend at the GAP outlet, so this is not the exact shirt I'm wearing but close enough! I also had to wear all my pearls since Christian has given me a necklace, bracelet, earrings and most recently, my ring!

Day of Love

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has a great day!

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