Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Fun

After such a terrible week last week, I needed a fun weekend. Unfortunately, the weekend started off just as stressful as my week. I was stuck late at work Thursday night knowing that I needed to come home and clean the apartment but I was so exhausted when I got home, I just crashed. So I woke up early Friday morning to try to clean and get the kitten to the boarder because my landlord was coming Saturday morning. Pulling into the boarder, my boyfriend calls and says to bring him with me to Charlotte. So I run errands and rush back home to get ready for work. Then he calls back telling me he's coming up to Boone instead. BUT I hadn't boarded Zuko and I didn't have time to anymore.

Turns out, his mom changed her mind and said no kitten: cue the awful fight between them and him coming to Boone. Very sweet of him but my stress level sky rocketed trying to figure out how to deal with Zuko and being a little sad we missed out on a couples massage in Charlotte. Christian ended up driving around with Zuko for almost 4 hours Saturday morning while my landlord was in and out of the apartment.

After the stress, the weekend got exponentially better. We had lunch and hung out with my friend and her husband. He hadn't met them yet but everyone got along wonderfully and liked each other! Then we came home to watch some TV and play with Zuko. We decided on Arby's for dinner (because we're cheap like that) and I FINALLY convinced him to see Silver Linings Playbook and it was phenomenal. I highly recommend it to everyone, but it's definitely serious and a little sad.

Sunday we slept til noon. I never sleep in. Ever. I have class all week and work all weekend so having the weekend off and being able to lay in bed until whenever I wanted was insane. AND Zuko slept the whole time too without waking us up. Then we had lunch at a little diner and headed down the mountain to Charlotte. But not without me dragging him to the outlets first to pick out a suit at Banana Republic for my job interview. He's such a trooper.

Sunday night was spent hanging out with my grandparents and watching the Grammy's (their reactions were hysterical) and preparing for my job interview. I also got an amazing homemade dinner of lamb chops, green beans, baked potatoes, and tomatoes. That might've been one of the best parts of the weekend, honestly.

Did everyone else have a great weekend?

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