Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trendy, Trendy.

I love clothes. Seriously, right now I have two full closets, two full laundry hampers (one clean, one dirty) and 3 or 4 bags of clothes under my bed full of my off-season clothes. I wasn't kidding when I said I loved clothes. A persons sense of style is all up to them and I do my best not to judge, but sometimes it's impossible for me not to just go "WHAT?". And I also realize that to each their own, and all that jazz, but here are a few trends you will never catch me in.

1. To start us off, the most controversial of all: Leggings. As. Pants. I'm sorry ladies, but leggings are not pants. They are thin and they do not keep everything covered. I do not need to see your lime green undies or your your lady-business because you won't wear a long shirt or short dress with your leggings. This is by far my biggest "fashion" pet peeve and I could definitely go on forever about it. But, I'll stop at cover your business and if you want to wear a t-shirt, invest in some yoga pants. 

Seriously, I don't wanna see that.

2. Printed/floral pants. I've seen some people pull this off flawlessly and good for them! But, I cannot. Nor do I want to spend the money to do so. I also know my boyfriend would refuse to be seen in public with me if I were to wear something like this. 

Sure, they work it. I would look ridiculous. 

3. Crazy sneakers. This ranges from those high top, fluorescent Nike things to whatever this weird heeled tennis shoe thing is. Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna happen. I love a good pair of brightly colored Chucks or Vans, but there really is no need for fluffy high tops and heels. 


4. Really dark lipstick. It just stresses me out. I love playing with lip colors, but I stick to the coral, pink and bright red families and shy away from those scary burgundies. I just know that if I was guy, I wouldn't want to kiss that and I like when my boyfriend wants to kiss me ;)

She looks fine. But, us normal people struggle with this one.

Theses are just my opinions and you may be able to pull some of these of magnificently (although I do suggest everyone take a look at their typical legging usage...). But I would just look ridiculous in all of these. 

Are there any trends you just don't get or can't stand?

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