Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Decision Time

As I've mentioned before, I'm job hunting. I have only been looking for a few weeks but there have already been some challenges. And now I'm faced with another:

Do I accept the job?

OK, now I'll backtrack. Last Monday, I had the final job interview. It involved a test, simulation, two job shadows, an interview with the recruiter and an interview with the manager. It was a longggggg 3 hours, that's for sure. I left liking the atmosphere and all of the people I met. I also feel decently confident that I could do the job well and make decent money doing so. 

But, I had some reservations. The first is the hours (which has always been the biggest issue). I was told during the process it would be about 60 hours a week, Saturdays included. Once I talked to the guys I shadowed, I learned that they work more than that a lot of the times. After hearing this information, I started paying attention and noticed that no one was wearing a wedding ring. No one had pictures of significant others in their cubicles. 

This really got to me, because I'm moving to Charlotte to be with Christian and start a life together. Many of my best friends are living in Charlotte and I'm trying to get my other two to move there too. Having a social life and a solid relationship is very important to me and I don't know if it's worth throwing that away in a few years to make some money. Especially when there are other jobs out there that I can get the same or better pay and benefits. 

Now I have until Thursday afternoon to decide if I want to take it. Many people have been telling me to take it for now but keep looking. Then, if I don't find something else, I have a job lined up for after graduation. The next few days will be very confusing.. 

I'd love to hear your opinions on my little predicament here!

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