Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Update!

So this weekend was fun... As I'm sure you saw, I had such a fun Thursday night/Friday morning. I needed some serious recuperation this weekend. So there was a lot of sleeping.

Friday was spent in my bed. I watched A LOT of Say Yes to the Dress (I'm seriously obsessed with this show and I'm not ashamed). Then I obviously had trouble sleeping since I slept til 3pm and then didn't leave my bed. So the vicious cycle of sleeping in too long happened again Saturday morning.

But Saturday afternoon, my roommate, her boyfriend and I headed to the human society. This is seriously one of my favorite things to do up here. There are so many animals up for adoption and I would do anything to take home a kitty or 12 or maybe a puppy or 8. Saturday night was lazy and awesome and involved Panera bread and I adore Panera.

Sadly, today was not fun or relaxing whatsoever. I had to be up by 6am so I could defrost and scrape my car off before work at 7am. Then I get to work and discover I'm working with the girl that I mentioned in the previous post about the overnight shift. And after discovering she "tattled" on my co-worker Emily and I for "being mean" to her and "not helping her". ALL of which is false and I got pretty upset. It's sad to me that someone who is a grown adult can't take responsibility for her own actions.

Then, I come home to relax and the power goes out. So the roommate, her boyfriend and I head off to the library for the rest of the day. So, yes I was productive like I needed to be but the couch is so much more comfortable than the library. And trashy E! TV is so much better than 10 page long study guides and studying for tests.

How was your weekend? More exciting I hope!

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