Thursday, January 3, 2019

A Year to Thrive

Well, 2018 has come and gone and we're all sitting here looking back at what we accomplished and getting ramped up for another year. This is the first year I almost felt that "shift" between the years because I actually had some time off between Christmas and New Years and the days I was at work were very chill and not full days. 

Even though I didn't really feel the shift in years past, I still started coming up with a word or phrase of the year in 2017 and I'm still mulling on my word for 2019 so now seems like a great time to reflect on 2017 and my year to thrive

I posted an update in April about how I was doing so far and then I fell off the blogging wagon again as our life starting to change completely in June. 

I started the year really read to see 2017 move the eff on and start to set some boundaries with family members in my life and really focus on "self care" (wow has that word really gotten blown out of proportion) and making myself the best me. 

I started with new workout challenges - BBG, PWR, Lauren Gleisberg with some of my old favorites thrown in (aerial, megaformer, hot yoga) and recommitting to my first fitness love, barre, at the end of the year. I tried some new eating styles (21 Day Fix, intermittent fasting, keto) and I think I've found what's maintainable for me. 

Along with those, I spent most of the year sticking to my nighttime routine and morning workouts thanks to meal prep, putting away the screens and recharging at night. 

I read 52 books after spending quite a few years barely reading more than a handful even though I've been reading since I was a tiny toddler and LOVE it so much. 

I started getting out of my comfort zone and doing things on weeknights and trying to coax my introvert out of her shell which in turn led to some great friendships being forged. 

But, the biggest thing I did this year to thrive was to have the courage to apply for a new job. Four and a half hours away from the home we had been building since 2013. Christian and I used to talk about leaving Charlotte all the time when we first moved there but he had a great job and he was doing so well. I had a horrific first job out of college but then landed what I hoped was my dream job in May 2015. I truly loved the years I spent there and I was so comfortable. 

But, comfortable was also turning into higher stress levels and frustration. I also didn't believe in the direction everything was going anymore. So, on a whim, while working on July 4th, I submitted an application for a job in Charlottesville. Which, if you've been around here a bit, you know we travel to a lot and really love the town and our best friends who also live here. Within a week, I had a phone interview and an in person interview scheduled. And by the end of July,  I had a job

I freaked out. I was so scared we would somehow fall on our faces during this time. That we wouldn't' be able to sell our house. That we wouldn't find somewhere to live. That I would bomb at this job. That Christian wouldn't find a job. That I'd never make friends like the amazing ones I have in Charlotte. That I had built this town up in my head and I wouldn't love it like I did as a visitor. 

But from the second we spent the first night in our tiny cramped apartment on an air mattress with all the animals piled on top of us, it just felt right. 

Since then, I really took thrive to heart. I went out of my comfort zone again and asked for a position at the local barre studio and now I "work" there on Mondays in exchange for free classes. Know what else happens? I meet awesome people who love barre as much as I do. I jumped on BumbleBFF and started swiping right to meet new friends. I kept making plans for weeknights (it's also easier when there's so much less traffic and we live 2 miles from downtown...). I became a culture committee member for my new team at work and helped plan all our holiday fun. 

So, did I reach my goals for 2018? Hell yes. 

It feels weird to write about all the great things that happened in 2018 when of course there were some tough days, too. But, after such a horrible 2017, I chose to focus on the positives and let that be what I take with me into 2019. There will always be stressful days at work. My dad is clearly always going to be crazy. I will definitely get my self stuck in the snow again (hopefully not this year since I already did that this winter but you never know...). But, those aren't the moments that define me or my year. 

So here's to 2019 (and eventually narrowing down my word...)


Emily Hornburg said...

I love your honesty in this post! It's hard to admit some of the struggles sometimes when we're all showing off our favorite memories and events of the year. I'm so glad you were able to take "thrive" to heart. Also, I need to try Bumble BFF haha.

Melizz said...

Love your post ! Great job taking the leap of faith to change cities , it's not so easy as it seems. I hope 2019 brings you lots of great things too. And I am wondering if bumble BFF or something similar exists in France ?? :D

Audrey Louise said...

Taking risks and being brave really worked well for you in 2018. That's awesome and so rewarding- you really did thrive last year. I hope this year brings more success and happiness for you! I love that you started teaching barre. I just recently started doing it and I really enjoy it!