Friday, October 26, 2018

A Little Bit of Life

It's been a hot minute around here, but hopefully you saw this post and you can understand how crazy life has been over the last couple of months! We have officially been Virginia residents for almost two months! It has been such a whirlwind.

 As I mentioned in my moving post, we had a week between moving up and starting work. I had grand plans of reading and laying by the pool buuuuuut that's not what happened at all. Let me give you a quick recap and then I've got a post full of useful advice coming soon, too! 

On moving day, we thought we had everything needed in boxes and the we needed a couple last hours to put the finishing touches on the boxes before the movers arrived to pack the U-Haul. But, in a shocking turn of events, they showed up early and started packing it before we were really ready which led to a mess.
My mother in law and I headed up with the animals and expected Christian and my father in law would be shortly behind with the U-Haul. Well, HA. That did not happen. Somehow, it took them about 6 more hours and they didn't get to Charlottesville until about 10 pm. Which meant we spent our first night in our teeny tiny apartment on our friends' air mattress and all the animals trying to sleep on it with us. 

Sunday, we scheduled movers to come unload... on possibly the hottest day of the year in Charlottesville. We quickly got the stuff into the tiny (have I mentioned our apartment is tiny?!) apartment and everything was literally just thrown in with barely any room to walk so we could run across town and put the rest in storage. 

OR SO WE THOUGHT. We had directed the loaders to put the storage unit items in the back of the truck and the apartment stuff in the front. I had overly labelled everything and put them in different piles and talked them through the entire thing. Still didn't happen. 

So here we are pouring sweat, chugging down water bottles and thinking we're almost done - only to find we still have another load that needs to go to the apartment and no more time with the movers...

And on top of that, our U-Haul was too big to navigate around the storage facility and we ended up having to BACK DOWN A HILL and into oncoming traffic on the highway. It was the most terrifying experience we've ever had in a car but the sheer relief and excitement we felt was hilarious. There was a full on cheer session and high fives once we were safely driving forward again. 

I've never been so hot, sweaty, exhausted, smelly and gross in my whole life while also feeling so happy and excited. We spent the next couple of days unpacking and getting settled before making a 26 hour trip to Charlotte to retrieve a few last things that needed to go to storage and some to the dump. We left at 5 on Wednesday night and drove back up at 4 AM on Friday. 

By the weekend, we were finally able to sit on the couch, sleep on our bed, and pull clothes out of the closet while also getting some time to out in Charlottesville with our friends! I definitely could have spent some time at the pool but it was so hot the first week we were here, I opted for a nap in the AC once the boxes were unpacked.
My father in law labelled this box and it really made me giggle!

In full disclosure, we just unpacked the very last box the first week of October, but that was only my wedding dress and we had no where to store it until Christian cleaned out his part of the closet and made some room for it! Now we are officially box free and moved in. Granted, half our kitchen stuff is stored on top of the cabinets or in the coat closet, our "pantry" is actually the cabinet above our desk, our dresser is our living room entertainment center and the "entryway" houses Christian's bike. 

I plan to do an apartment tour in Instagram once in a couple of weeks when we have one more piece of furniture moved in so it's finished. Although now I'm kind of considering not even getting it until we move into the house so I may just do the apartment tour next week!

If you made it to the end of that long ramble, thank you. I promise to come back here with actual useful information about moving, the books I've read recently (don't worry, I'm still reading!), starting a new job, and more! 

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Audrey Louise said...

Ha... We've been moved into our house for a year and there are still boxes in the garage (and a pile of stuff in my parents' basement). No shame. I stopped stressing over it months ago. Lol. We just recently painted all the main living spaces. I figure our homes/apartments are a never ending project. But it does feel good when you check some major boxes off!!