Monday, August 20, 2018


MOVING! I know, I know, you thought I was going to say pregnant. As I've sat down with/called/texted everyone in our lives, I've started with "so... we have news.. I'm not pregnant but we are moving". Because literally every single one assumed we were going to tell them we're expecting.

Instead, we are completely uprooting our lives for new job opportunities in Charlottesville, Virginia! 

We are truly over the moon excited to take on some new challenges and to live somewhere with four real seasons! If you've been around these parts any amount of time, you know we spend a lot of time in Charlottesville with our best friends, Kristin and Jacob.

The idea that this could be happening started in early/ mid-July and by the last weekend in July, we were pretty hopeful. We didn't get an official answer until August 2 and we've been moving full steam ahead since that point!

I have a lot of post ideas on how to do this long distance move, tips on selling your house, finding somewhere to live when you're not in the city you're moving to and more but today, I just wanted to share our news and a little bit about how its all working out and what we're most excited about!

First up, Christian and I have both accepted new positions with UVA Health. As in, we're literally going to be in the same office building. Thankfully, our departments are on different floors. But, we will be attending Orientation together on September 10 and have done all the lead up activities together - drug screens, paperwork, badge pictures, etc. It's kind of weird but also kind of fun that we have each other to lean on so heavily during the process.

We are making the move on September 1 so that we have time to get settled in, rest up a little bit and get ready for our new jobs. Well, technically Christian will be working from home that week, but I'm fully off and looking forward to some time by the pool, doing some reading and getting my license, register to vote and sign up for a library card. (YES, a library card is on my week one checklist).

On top of just basic move logistics, we've also got to sell our house in Charlotte. Thankfully, the market is Charlotte is definitely a seller's market and everything in our neighborhood this year has gone under contract in 7 days or less. So please send allllll the good vibes that this is the same for us, too!

This weekend we seriously just worked on purging, packing and cleaning to get the house ready for pictures today and on the market this week. The animals are super confused about why the house is so empty and why they're not allowed to get on any beds right now because they leave fur everywhere they go! As we were doing a final vacuum/bed making dash before work this morning, Ellie just followed us around looking so sad.

Caught this guy sleeping on my cleaned off desk last night. 

Oh, and not only are we selling our house in Charlotte, we're building a townhome in Charlottesville! That won't be ready until April... So we will be moving into a tiny one bedroom apartment across the street until then!

Overall, I am SO excited about living in Charlottesville and being somewhere with 4 seasons again, having SO MANY hiking trails close by, plenty of new places to explore and easy access to DC! Leaving our comfortable lives here in Charlotte will be hard - especially since we'll be leaving some amazing friends behind. But, I'm not worried because distance means nothing to a great friendship! 

So there you have it - the craziness that is our life right now. Things will probably stay a little quieter around here as we get through the next 12 days but then I'm coming back with lots of stuff about moving and our new town!

Stay tuned on Instagram for all the craziness!

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Kiri said...

We just made the move from Charlotte to Charlottesville. And we close next week on our new Ryan Home (in a different subdivision.) Welcome!