Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cherry Blossom Buds

Two weekends ago, Christian and I headed up to DC to see the cherry blossoms and hang out with his sister and best friend. It was a pretty warm February for DC so the blossoms were set to bloom about two weeks earlier than normal which is why we picked mid-March to go up because it was supposed to be peak weekend.

And then, of course, it snowed/iced that week and the blossoms weren't having it. They were talking about "permanent damage" for some of them and saying they may not even really bloom this year. Luckily, they have bloomed and it doesn't look like there's permanent damage. Unluckily, they were not blooming the weekend we ended up going. 

We still did some fun stuff, though, and I always love being up there. It's such a beautiful and fun city. I'm glad we have a few people up there so we can always make excuses to go up!


We got up late Thursday night and my sister in law had to work some of Friday, so I went to a barre class at Xtend Barre Old Town while Christian went for a run. I stopped at a delicious coffee shop right beside her place where they roast the beans in house. That is my kind of coffee shop. 
Christian and I walked around Old Town and grabbed some burgers for lunch. Then we took a little couch snooze and watched some TV before his sister was back from work. 

It was St. Paddy's Day so of course we had to celebrate... in the weirdest way possible: an Irish pub in Chinatown. Makes perfect sense, I know. But, we really did have such a blast and we ended the night eating in a basement Chinese restaurant that had a tank of eels and a tank of crabs and lobsters...

Christian's best friend and his wife live about 45 minutes outside of where we were near DC, so we met them for breakfast. We went to one of my favorites: Ted's Bulletin who makes their own pop tarts. They also have a cinnamon roll the "size of yo head". We didn't get that one, but holy crap it looked amazing and came with literally a gravy boat of icing.

Since we had gone up to see the cherry blossoms, once we were back from brunch, we headed out to the Tidal Basin. We ended up getting off the Metro at Arlington Cemetery and did a nice, loooong walk around DC for the rest of the day.
We ended the day at Shake Shack and seeing Union Station for the first time! It started raining right as we got back in to Old Town, so we stayed in for the night, watching ridiculous Netflix shows and just hanging out.


We had planned to stay a little bit longer Sunday to grab breakfast before heading out, but my friend was in labor (7 weeks early) and they had no family in Charlotte so we tried to get back so we could help them out. Thankfully, Mama and baby made it through wonderfully and the little one is coming home this week most likely after less than two weeks in the NICU! We brought them Jimmy John's to the hospital because that's all Mama had been craving for months.
The view from her hospital room!


Miranda said...

Ahhh, I'm dying to go back to DC! I haven't been since I was about 10 years old. Despite the weather not being the best, it looks like you still had a great weekend! Congrats to your friend on her baby!

Whitney H said...

You know DC is one of my favorite places ever! I'm jealous you went to Shake Shack, I've been craving it since we went to one in NYC last year. I remember going to Union Station when I was in the 11th grade and I've loved it ever since. Fingers crossed we can get up there soon!

Audrey Louise said...

We really want to visit DC soon! I'm sorry you missed the blossoms but it looks like you guys had fun! Old Town looks adorable. And it was so kind of you to rush back for your friend and her baby! We've brought pizza to the hospital twice now for our friends when their little ones were born!